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about this site

This site is no longer the "official" website for the Spirit Heart Sanctuary 501(c)(3) nonprofit church ministry established under the Church of Antioch.

Visit the new website for Spirit Heart Sanctuary.

I (Simeon) am maintaining this website as a legacy to the work I did together with Maia for 16 years under Spirit Heart Sanctuary. Maia and I are still very close and spiritual podners in many ways. Our connection and relationship continues to flourish, grow and mature and we look to the future without expectations but with a sense of expanding radiance in what may be coming!

I am no longer in Hawaii although Maia still resides there. I am currently in Fort Collins, CO. I am leaving the Hawaiian motif on this site for now as so many people have expressed to me that it makes them feel a special peace when they come here to this site which greatly pleases me as that was the whole idea!

There is much of great value on this website and maintaining it does take some time, effort and expense. Supportive contributions on the donations page are thus very much appreciated.

Simeon Chiron Nartoomid