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intimations with the cosmic christ

as experienced and translated by simeon chiron nartoomid on september 15, 2004


the intimations:

1. What shall the misery of the world bring forth?

2. Illumination of all that resides in fear.

3. Fear is a manifestation of the universal mechanism by which the compact and dense sub-strata within the cosmos may be given passage into expanded states of awareness and expression.

4. There are specific varieties of this dense sub-strata that are associated with the earth and its humanity.

5. Communicative and conscious exchange with this dense cosmic sub-strata opens stellar pathways of release.

6. Human conscious interaction is necessary with the dense cosmic sub-strata in order to liberate it into more expanded states of being. The human vehicle itself, is not meant, however, to be its channels of passage.

7. Illumination is the result of the dense cosmic sub-strata contacting the human experience and thus taking passage into expanded states of being.

simeon's reflections:

1. I am brought into a state of awareness here wherein I am viewing misery, not as a result of cause-effect in terms of personal or world karma, but rather in a way where the karma is seen as but a small portion of a much larger dynamic. Human misery is thus revealed to me to be the result of a larger process which has not been understood very well.

In this place of awareness, I now recognize misery is not a necessary component of human experience, but is a resultant manifestation emanating from a lack of basic awareness regarding fundamental cosmic dynamics.

2. I now find myself flowing through the realm of misery and I experience its relationship with fear. I witness how these two interact, how one emanates from the others and how they perpetuate each other. I am keenly aware of how the cycle is broken by an expanded conscious awareness. At the same time I am also aware that this dynamic has generated or given birth to that same expanded consciousness which ultimately breaks its own cycle and initiates its demise.

3. I find myself in awareness of many different stratum of the universe. These stratum are not in "layers": as I would have ordinarily thought. Rather, they are specifically charged particles and waves. One "tunes into" these various stratum by means of various aspects of the mind. Here, mind means something much more than the mental aspect of our conscious self. Yet, it is the conscious aspect of the mind, the thinking and reasoning portion of it, that is both the key and the most prominent obstacle all at the same time.

It is this aspect of our mind that can, in an instant, give passage to the dense particles of the cosmic sub-stratum by re-polarizing them with LOVE. Fear, is what happens when we come into contact with these particles unconsciously, when we tune our mind into their substratum without realizing we have done so. To attune one's mind to these particles consciously for the purpose of re-polarizing them with LOVE is another matter entirely.

4. I now witness how the earth as a being is magnetized to attract specific types of these denser particles of the universal sub-stratum. I understand that this was a significant role our earth and her humanity play in the cosmic play so to speak. The types of particles in the dense cosmic sub-stratum that are specifically magnetized to the earth give cause for specific types of human souls to manifest here in response to these particle's presence in concentrated forms. Souls are birthed here from time to time in our Solar System. These souls have unique characteristics and qualities which are meant to be able to deal with these specific particles of the sub-stratum so as to be effective and efficient in providing them passage into more expanded states of being. But, often souls from other systems come here to offer various qualities they have to the process of liberating these particles. Together, the mosaic of souls working in this regard on earth is a beautiful tapestry at higher levels of awareness, but appears simultaneously to be chaotic and disharmonious at grosser levels of material manifestation. Together, they effect a powerful re-polarization of these particles thus liberating them to more expansive experience in the universe. Some of these particles will find life as part of the universal substance in future souls. The particles will maintain their memory cell, they will have recollection of the LOVE that liberated them to experience life in a new eternal and self-directed form.

5. I am being reinforced within the awareness that our conscious mind is given opportunity to enter into a conscious communication and exchange with these dense cosmic sub-stratum particles for the purpose of re-polarizing them, giving them passage to much more expanded states of being. I see that this actually occurs through specific stellar energies that we also attune to on a supra-conscious level. When we move with purpose from the point of LOVE, we open universal circuitry into not only our own being, but into the entire collective soul of humanity and the earth as an entity itself.

This circuitry allows the particles which are circulating within the dense sub-stratums associated with the earth to be re-polarized into a more universal context and alignment. These particles then enter into a specific type of exchange with particles from other stellar systems.

6. I am now keenly aware how humans have misunderstood their role in this greater process. We have erroneously perceived we needed to either do battle with these particles and manifestations built up out of them, or we had to be the vehicle of their passage directly. In other words, that we need to form the channel by which these particles would flow on their journey to more expanded states.

I see now that we are not meant to be the vehicle, nor the highway upon which it travels, but rather the architect and designer of both. This is where our own creativity is meant to be given license as true aspiring Elohim.

7. I now have this keen awareness that what we call Illumination occurs as a result of this greater process being rendered properly. In other words, as we come into contact with the dense particles of the cosmic sub-strata that accumulate about the earth, we must learn to interact properly with them. We must learn that our role is to apply our LOVE nature to these particles and to thus open the cosmic circuitry that completes the job. Our LOVE energy is like a small switch that controls a very large circuit with unlimited power.

I find this very helpful to embrace, because I, as so many humans, feel and know that I still exist within a limited expression of the Great Love, not being able to at this time, manifest the full power of LOVE just yet. Thus, Illumination culminates in this interaction and realization to the degree that we can entreat it and assume our rightful roles, sans identity and attachment to form and outcome. So, we now come full circle with the ancient wisdom teachings, but with a twist.

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