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frequently asked questions

This is not your usual FAQ page. Instead, it is a compilation of questions that I AM (Simeon Chiron Nartoomid) frequently asked concerning spirituality, spiritual transformation, metaphysics and other related topics. By freely offering our answers to these questions we hope to be able to facilitate the expansion of spiritual awareness on planet earth.

The Christos, or Christ principle and consciousness are to be found in these expanded states of awareness. To the degree that we are able to reside within these states of awareness we come to know the Christos within, that point of ultimate fusion between our incarnate human beingness and the unified eternal Spirit we emanate from and are an integral part of.

I hope that something here helps you on your spiritual journey to the Center of All Being, that one place we can truly always call home.

Please add this page to your "Favorites" or "bookmark" it, so you can keep checking back here, because I will be continuing to add content to it over time.

If you have questions you would like answered and which you feel would be a good addition to this page to help others as well as you, please submit them to me.

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spiritual FAQ Index

Q: You mention the "Spirit Heart" and have named your church organization after this, but I do not fully understand what this truly is in your view, can you explain further?

A: In our view a distinction is made between the human domain of heart and the spiritual domain of heart. In the human heart there are holographic recording crystals which record all of the experiences of life, good, bad or indifferent. Sara Paddison of the Institute of HeartMath, in her book "The Hidden Power of the Heart," describes a personal mystical experience she had wherein she "saw" these holographic heart crystals, and came to understand how they recorded all of life's experiences. Dr. Paul Pearsall in his book "The Heart's Code" furthers this idea through his remarkable studies of heart transplant patients. He discovers in this research how often that individuals receiving a heart from a donor profoundly take on the donor's attributes and start remembering occurrences in the donor's life previous to the transplant.

My point here is that the human heart crystals record ALL human experiences. There is, however, a spiritual or causal counterpart to the heart. At this dimension of the heart the only experiences that are recorded are those which are in harmonic resonance with universal love frequencies. These frequencies are always on a harmonic with a numerical expression known as PHI, and upon which the sacred geometry of the Golden Mean is based.

Therefore, all hearts at the spiritual dimension are in a unity resonance with each other and God>Spirit>Source, whereas all human hearts are not. The Spirit Heart is thus a dimension of the human heart where we can take refuge or sanctuary as a mediating ground between God>Spirit>Source and our limited human experience. It is also the place where we can go to reconcile all differences with other beings and thus experience the unified field of consciousness.

I also believe that there is additionally a Universal Heart Crystal. I have mystically "seen" this crystal on occasions and have become aware through those experiences that every time love is expressed in some way wherein it resonates within the harmonics of the Golden Mean, that act of love - its energy - is recorded within the Universal Heart Crystal therefore adding to the textures, colors, beauty and radiance of Love in the Universal Heart. In this way love is always expanding and growing in beauty, texture, color and radiance, even though it is already complete unto itself. This is the dedication Spirit Heart Sanctuary has as its focus of service to humanity and God>Spirit>Source. The Spirit Heart is rightly also called the Christos, or that place where the Divine and the Human meet, interact, and eventually merge into a unified expression.


Q: What is the purpose of life?

A: The answer to life is found within the answer to the previous question. In my view, all beings in the universe have a purpose in commonality with each other. That purpose is to expand the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of Love in the Universal Heart Crystal (the Heart of God). All other human accomplishments are destined to serve that purpose. Our limited human minds often lead us to believe that our human accomplishments are what we are here for. I have come to know that these accomplishments only matter in so far as they can be seen to be vehicles for the larger purpose to manifest through.

This may seem too simple at first. The more time one spends with contemplating the fundamental differences between this view and the world view, however, the more liberating it can be. This leads one to increasingly understand that life is really about HOW we do something out of love, rather than the fact of WHAT we are doing [provided of course it is not harmful to others or illegal] or how much we may have materially accomplished. In other words, from this place of expanded awareness, at the end of a day we can conduct a day-end review and gain our sense of accomplishment from how well we responded from the place of universal love to all that presented itself to us that day, rather than how many physical things we actually got accomplished. From this perspective, one could have a day where they did not accomplish much at all on a material level, yet if they stayed coherent and centered within the spiritual dimension of their heart they could have the realization that it was a very successful day in all that truly matters.  On the other hand, one could have a day where they accomplished a LOT on a material level, and yet was being angry or inconsiderate or expressing some other form of incoherent negativity, and then this would not be seen as a successful day at all from this perspective.

This is probably one of the most important expansions in consciousness to made in the collective soul today. Life offers us the opportunity to do this, and therein is found the purpose of life and our first and foremost service to humanity and the One.


Q: Why is it that every time I struggle to break free from some inner limitations my victory is so short-lived? It seems at times the universe is punishing me for my efforts.

A: This is a complex topic, but the simple answer is that neither the universe nor God>Spirit>Source are of the nature of punishment. All things that occur have a Divine Purpose, even if we cannot perceive what that might be.

The more complex answer is that as we are working to co-participate in our own spiritual evolutionary processes, we are in fact aligning ourselves more clearly to our Soul and the God Self. The Soul is very responsive to all openings and approaches made by the conscious personality self. Thus, as we start to open the door a little further in that regard through our efforts to transform our inner resistance and limitations, our Soul responds in like manner and seeks to infuse the personality structures to the next degree. This in turn elicits further "clearing."

So the truth I have come to know about this dynamic is that all the additional difficulties that I have encountered as a result of my previous efforts are in fact outward manifestations of older energies I have held in a crystallized state within me. Unbeknownst to me these energies were there all along affecting my reality in adverse ways. I consider the fact that they have come to the surface as a blessing because now I can become aware of them, and that is the first step in any transformational modality which can clear them once and for all.

The key to this is to be able to stay keenly aware that our difficulties are predicated upon something within us not outside of us. Which leads us to the next question.


Q: How can everything be within me if there is in fact an outer world too?

A: This is an often misunderstood universal truth. "Everything is within you" relates the idea that 1) within you exists a hologram of the entire universe, and 2) that all you need to cope with any forces, internal or external, lies within your inner being and its deep and infinite reserve of spiritual power, light and love.

In fact one of the esoteric truths taught in many ancient Mystery Schools was that one of our primary objectives is to balance that which is within with that which is without. In other words, to the degree that we can balance our inner-outer lives we can achieve enlightenment. The "pull of the world" that has historically been spoken of in many traditions and in many ways is in fact nothing other than the strong resonances that our outer-self has with the other outer-selves in the world, and which can create a seeming separation between our inner-outer self. Just being continually aware that this seeming separation does not in fact exist except in our human perceptual experience can help balance this out nicely for most people. In other words, we need to stop believing in the idea of separation and start looking for unity instead.

Some helpful exercises for accomplishing this are to start looking for the similarities in dissimilar things, people and circumstances. Also, look for points of commonality in seemingly opposed positions or viewpoints. And perhaps most importantly, continue to grow in awareness regarding the mirroring which takes place between inner-outer aspects of self.


Q: I keep hearing and reading that this world is but an illusion, but that does not really make sense to me because it all seems so real. Is this reality really just an illusion?

A: Yes, and no. Yes, because there is a persistent illusory perception in human experience that would have us believe that this physical world reality is all there is, and that the nature of this reality is as concrete as our senses would indicate.

No, because this reality is a viable reality system all of its own, and it is not an illusion unto itself. The only illusion is that the tangible world reality is the only one that exists.

Quantum physics has demonstrated that the observer of anything affects the outcome of that which they are observing. The nature of reality is in fact plastic, it is very flexible. What makes this world reality seem so concrete is the fact that a significant number of the souls incarnated upon this planet hold fundamental beliefs about the nature of the collective reality. This is where the concrete-ness of our world reality is rooted, not in the nature of material reality itself.

As you view the world reality, endeavor to simultaneously hold an awareness present that allows you to perceive the world somewhat as a fish bowl with fishes swimming in it. You are looking into the fish bowl observing all that occurs within it. But, you can see that the fish bowl sits in a room, that is part of a house, that is part of a neighborhood and so forth. If you are stuck inside the fish bowl, you cannot see all of that. Esoterically this is known as "developing the Observer." In order to engage this exercise you have to bring your higher mental body [Higher Self] and Soul awareness into play within your conscious experience more fully.


Q: What is the problem with me and all my friends not being able to manifest our financial abundance any longer now that we have become more spiritual?

A: This is a complex topic. The simple answer is that your Soul is making powerful inroads into your personality structures, taking you to a new level of Discipleship or Initiation. As this occurs old ways of being able to manifest or accomplish seemingly ordinary things in life will become ineffective. New ways of manifesting and accomplishing things must be found, integrated and mastered. As your inner core values change, so must your methods of living and manifesting.

The long answer expands on the short answer. As always, the first step is to be aware of what the root of the problem is. No problem is ever resolved until awareness of the root cause can be attained in some way. Knowing that the most common cause of this problem in people who are on a conscious spiritual journey of evolution, growth and development, is in fact Soul Infusion of the personality structures, in and of itself is very helpful to this end.

Understanding WHY Soul Infusion can cause this to happen is another step towards resolution. The answer is fairly simple too, unlike the complex study of the many varied dynamics which spin their web out of this occurrence. Soul energies are of a different energy system than Earth energies. Our personalities are primarily comprised of Earth energies, DESTINED TO BE THE HOST FOR DIVINE SELF OR SOUL. Soul Infusion is what happens when the time is right for a Soul's projected personality in incarnational experience to expand its level of "soul-hosting." Given that the two energy systems do not naturally find resonance with each other, certain forms of dissonance are generated as energies from the Soul Realms infuse energies from the earthen domain. It is in the further development of the consciousness of the individual that these energies can be harmonized, and that occurs through the creation of new harmonics that did not exist before which allow both energy domains [literally Heaven and Earth] to find harmonic resonance with each other. The difficulty many people face with financial manifestations as they trod further on the spiritual path are generally rooted in this dynamic, although there are many associated dynamics which can exacerbate the problems.

Also, another fundamental problem that people face with this is that as Soul Infusion gets under way the individual's values start to change. At first they feel inner conflict because they have new conscious values, yet a part of them lags behind within the old values for awhile. This creates inner resistance and conflicts which will also stop energy flow, and financial manifestation is simply one form of energy flow.

There are a host of other complicating factors that may or may not be present for any given individual as well. Some of the more common ones are: limiting beliefs around money; lack of recognition of other forms of energy flow besides money as viable channels of manifestation [i.e. love, freedom, inner revelations, etc]; anything that can cause inner resistance to free flowing energy.


Q: Is there any suggestion you could make for how not to fail on my quest for enlightenment?

A: Yes, and the simple answer is to stop believing in failure. A more in-depth look at this problem, however, reveals that the belief in failure is rooted in a fundamental duality which stems from the concepts of good-evil, right-wrong and all other divisive and dualistic thought-forms which include success-failure. I must first be clear herein that these dualistic thought-forms have a divine purpose or they would not be here. They have served as a stepping stone to higher awareness and consciousness for the collective soul evolution, and are STILL VERY NECESSARY for a great many people, for without them as guideposts souls would wander aimlessly potentially harming themselves and others, not yet having developed enough conscious self-awareness to guide them along the path without such temporal guideposts.

That said, if you can shift your awareness into a place wherein you still use some of these dualistic guideposts yet allow yourself to explore beyond their boundaries, your sense of "failure" can be transformed into a sense of "experience." Everything we go through in life adds to our experiential knowledge which is rightly called "wisdom." View all your experiences in life as something which offer you the potential for expanding your wisdom. Seek to extract that pearl of wisdom from all your experiences in life, and your sense of failure will soon fade into the distant and faint shadows of the past. In this new expanded awareness, there is no failure, only a vast number of opportunities to grow in experiential knowledge and wisdom, and to integrate that and carry it forward with you. Have no regrets, all experiences, even those resulting from choices we wished we had made otherwise, are intended to serve this purpose. In fact, even our regrets are proof that our awareness has grown, for if it hadn't, we would not be able to have the feeling of regret.

But regret is a negative polarity expression, and it can instead be cast forward into a positive polarity expression as a deepening understanding as to how to make better choices in the future.

You cannot fail, to say so is to make-wrong on your soul and God>Spirit>Source. Let that go now and move on to higher ground. We are all part of a collective reality and we are all going to the same place at roughly the same time cosmically speaking. The only thing we have any control over is how we experience the journey. This expanded perspective drastically changes the the whole idea of being able to fail doesn't it?


Q: I have suffered from a lot of illness in my life and I feel as though I must have done something terribly wrong, that I must have really bad karma or something, so I feel guilty about this much of the time. What can I do?

A: In the Gospel of John 9:1-3, the Pharisees bring Isho'a/Yeshua/Jesus a man born blind from birth. They ask him whether the man's own sins, or those of his parents, are responsible for this man's condition. Isho'a blows the lid off their limited dualistic belief system where someone or something has to be to blame by responding; "neither this man nor his parents sinned. . .but this happened so the work of God might be displayed in his life [New International]."

This is one of the most powerful statements in the NT scriptures in my view. It relates to us the novel concept of possible causation -- for seemingly very limited and difficult circumstances -- existing in a realm that lies beyond our own conscious awareness, and for purposes we may not fully understand if at all. This concept ties into something that has been growing in my field of awareness for about 15 years or so now. This is the Bodhisattva nature of the soul itself. The soul is pure love, it is a pure aspect of the Divine. As such, the soul seeks to express this Bodhisattva nature in life in any way that it might be able to. It will thus look at the collective soul of humanity on Earth, and choose which of the limited conditions of the collective it wishes to give passage into the Light and Love of God. It will then draw those conditions to itself through its chosen incarnational astrology, its etheric, astral and mental body substances, its ray configurations, and through the human genetic tree it chooses to incarnate within. Its mission is to bring the love that it IS, to bear upon these limitations and to invoke the Law of Divine Grace to this end for the benefit of all, including itself.

Usually these conditions will serve BOTH the Bodhisattva nature and purpose of the soul, and the evolutionary karmic resolution of the energy vehicles it utilizes in the Earth SIMULTANEOUSLY. We as a humanity have well-recognized the effects of the wheel of karma and how they play out on the soul's incarnate experience, but it is now time for us to also recognize the Bodhisattva activity of the soul as well. The picture is not complete without proper recognition of BOTH dynamics weaving through your life.

I have found that helping people to recognize the Bodhisattva nature and purpose of their soul also helps them immensely in releasing that sense of guilt they often carry for their personal limitations, and thus turns that energy into a positive thrust for personal and planetary evolution. The limitations you experience in life, your greatest challenges, DO NOT PREVENT YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU CAME TO DO ON EARTH, THEY ARE WHAT YOU CAME TO DO. Look no further.

Dedicate your efforts to deal with these limitations for the whole collective soul of humanity, do it for yourself AND all others that suffer from the same or related conditions, and you will find that your efforts to bring a Greater Power to bear upon these circumstances will produce much better fruit.


Q: I have been working on developing psychic abilities for some time, and have had some marginal success. But my life does not seem to be much better because of it. I do not feel closer to God, why is this?

A: The development of psychic abilities as an objective unto itself is a somewhat elusive path at best in my experience.  The ongoing development of subtle spiritual awareness is a very worthy objective, however, and often leads to the unfoldment of certain psychic abilities.

The difference is in the objectives involved.  If we seek psychic abilities as a goal unto itself, then we are really not clearly focused upon God>Spirit>Source.  Psychic phenomenon are part of the temporal manifest reality operating on subtler levels of manifestation than the physical plane. Many people confuse subtle energy states as being God>Spirit>Source. While divinity is to be found in all things and beings, what we are speaking about here is a difference in harmonic fields of resonance. In the same subtle energy space, you can have many different harmonics co-existent. Focusing upon one or the other of these harmonics will cause them to gain energy in your experience. It is thus very important to stay focused to the best of your ability on the harmonics of universal love, compassion, acceptance, caring and so forth. Those are the harmonics that are in direct resonance with what we refer to as God>Spirit>Source, which is another way of saying that we wish to stay focused upon the infinite and eternal aspect of Creation.

Developing subtle states of spiritual awareness also involves a passage wherein awareness expands through the psychic planes into the level of Soul and Monadic awareness and consciousness and beyond. However, in the interim [which could be many lifetimes in duration], a soul can find themselves in a place wherein they quite naturally access the the psychic plane and all that is represented there. That soul is given the opportunity to continue casting their gaze upward into even subtler dimensions of being and to use their ability to attune to the subtler states of universal love, compassion, caring and forgiveness.

Many souls linger longer than they need to in this particular state of awareness because it has an allure to it, a certain type of seductive attraction. All are destined to move beyond this state of awareness, however, and into more unified states of being. Cast your gaze upon those subtle vibrations and energies which are indicative of the nature [versus the concept, idea or ideology] of God>Spirit>Source, such as universal love, compassion, acceptance, caring and forgiveness [which is only necessary to the degree that we judge and hold things against others or our self].

The Sacred Flow of Life makes no mistakes. Whatever you have before you in life right now, in this very moment, is exactly where you are called to apply this principle in order to expand your nature and feel closer to God>Spirit>Source.


Q: I experience a lot of fear and I know this is not a good thing but I cannot seem to get clear of it, the fear just keeps coming back up all the time, what can I do?

A: Fear has a purpose in our reality, it is there to protect us, to let us know when there is a danger present that we need to be aware of. Most fear-based problems can be traced to a poor relationship between our conscious personna and our fear. It is therefore often times a relationship problem between two aspects of yourself.

I have found that fear is my friend, it is a messenger. If I develop fear of the messenger then I have fear squared and it gets dysfunctional quite rapidly after that! If I don't let the messenger in to deliver its message then it keeps trying. The messenger will start knocking at the door all the harder. The messenger may go get some buddies and try to break the door down if you really resist. This is all so that the message can simply be delivered. The messenger does not really care what you do with the message, it just wants to deliver it -- that is all.

What aspect of our being has sent the messenger? Sometimes that is our most limited instinctual self. Other times it is our most expanded spiritual self. They both use the same messenger service and so does all the other players in our rich inner community of beingness aspects! After you have opened to and listened to the messenger's message then the messenger will leave and you can reflect on what you will do with the message -- if anything. Will you act on it because you are able to see the wisdom in the message or do you send the energy of the message up to God>Spirit>Source and the Heavenly Host to be transmuted because it is dysfunctional, confused and illogical?

Starting to approach dealing with your fears in this way brings you into a more conscious engagement with the problem. It places your conscious mind into a higher plane of awareness. We often times define the quality of our lives by the quality of our relationships with others, yet very few people ever reflect on the inner relationships that exist between differing aspects of their own being which are equally important.

There are many other tools I have developed for dealing with fear over the years. In my personal experience I used to do a lot of risk-sports like technical rock and ice climbing, mountain bike racing, back-country wilderness skiing, advanced downhill skiing, mountaineering, high-wind windsurfing and many more. One day I found myself on a near-vertical cliff 1,500 feet above a boulder pile clinging to a 1/4" ledge in the Washington Cascades on a mountain named "Chair Peak." I looked around me and the view was incredible. I had always had this huge adrenaline rush while doing these things. I was, however, at peace this day. I then realized I no longer had any fear to overcome. I had the thought that should I die that day by falling off the mountain that I had lived a full life and it was OK. That was one of the last climbs I ever did, the fear had been transcended and there was no thrill in it any longer, no purpose to pursue the activity.

It was this experience and a few others like it that represented the culmination of the early stages of transformation of my relationship with my fear body.  It was during these experiences that I learned how to deal with my fear and my life often times depended upon how well I did. I have since come to know that eliminating fear is not desirable and that I cannot directly control it, if I try I will lose every time. Rather I have to relate to it as my friend. I will actually at times say to it, "fear my friend, what message do you have for me today?" In this way the messenger learns it can pay you a subtler visit and drop the message off and it will stop using so much power as your resistance to the fear decreases. Remember, whatever you focus your attention upon gains energy, and resisting something is the same as focusing your attention on it!

Additionally, you can do something I call Heart-Breathing. I can teach this in session in much more detail, but the basics are this: you simply focus your attention upon your heart chakra and then start slowly and rhythmically breathing in through the heart down into the belly and then back out through the heart. This technique is scientifically proven to actually alter your physiology in a positive way that then opens up your awareness and love.

It may take you some practice to get good at all of this, but it is one of the more liberating things you can accomplish in life. I am available for guidance, teaching and consultation if need be, working with people to help them deal with their fear is one of my specialties.


Q: I have been trying to use my inner spiritual guidance more frequently to guide me through life but I keep getting into very difficult and tumultuous situations, what am I doing wrong?

A: Learning to use one's inner spiritual guidance to navigate the sacred stream of life is a process. Like with everything else we may learn their is a period of trial and error involved. There are two potentially very restrictive responses that are commonly elicited when a person follows what they believe to be their inner guidance and then things don't turn out well.

The first of these common responses is that the person may doubt their inner guidance and shut it back down. The second of these common responses is that the person may go into denial regarding the possibility that they did not interpret their inner guidance correctly. If this occurs they may also just continue on with the same mindset without learning too much of anything from the experience, denial is like this. This approach virtually guarantees the person will have repeat experiences much the same.

One of the most important things to realize regarding inner guidance is that the guidance is always correct but our interpretation of it may be off. This position allows you to accept that you have valid inner guidance at all times and it is just a matter of learning to interpret it correctly through practice. There is a significant difference between believing that your inner guidance itself is wrong versus believing that YOUR conscious interpretation of the guidance is wrong.

The first response offers you the possibility of feeling all alone, abandoned, spiritually undeveloped or incompetent. Whereas the second response offers you the potential to affirm that you absolutely always have inner guidance as your companion in life, and that this requires a special skill to make proper use of, and this response gives you permission to "get it wrong" as you practice becoming proficient at using this inner spiritual resource. As they say, "practice makes perfect."

However, there is another whole principle that needs to be addressed here as a further possibility as well. Concisely stated, this involves the assumption that your inner spiritual inner guidance is always going to lead you to the most pleasing and easy of experiences. Let that one go right now, its not necessarily always going to be that way.

As your soul level of reality gains strength within your conscious personality the objectives of that soul reality will become more pronounced in your incarnative life. The soul does not look at success in terms of how easy or pleasant a life experience may be. Rather, the soul is concerned with development of Divine attributes and characteristics within the conscious incarnative vehicle. From this perspective we can now see that what you thought might have been mis-interpreted guidance may in fact have been right-on.

So how do you know the difference? In many respects you can't. All you can do is your best at the onset, and trust that no matter what ensues, even if you entirely or partially mis-interpret the inner guidance, your soul is going to take you in the needed direction regardless. The only thing that we really have any control over anyway is how we experience the journey.

The formula for "success" using inner guidance then looks like this:

1) At the onset, look for the degree of resonance you experience in your heart with your interpretation of your inner guidance. Once you feel resonant and confident in your interpretation then you need to act on it.

2) Stay attuned to any further inner guidance that may come forth because if you have mis-interpreted some or all of your inner guidance further inner guidance will emerge to try and realign things. This means you have to be flexible, allowing your direction and/or approach to potentially change as you go.

3) If following your inner guidance leads you into some sort of difficulty, then you need to explore the possibility that either you mis-interpreted your inner guidance or that you were meant to go through that particular set of circumstances to develop something inside of yourself that then becomes a gift to the collective soul of humanity. It could also be a bit of both as well.