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anthelhim and ru'alm

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This individual is a close relation both spiritually and physically to Thoth Raismes and the family resemblance is certainly present. He also places much of his focus into the Lamiis Sanctary in the form of body mandalas -- that is creating sacred patterns with the positioning of the body, done both alone and together with others -- and sacred dance. In addition, Athelhim along with Thoth Raismes, is at the helm of organizing and initiating various "Light Programs" within the Illumined Assembly of the Christos [IAC].

Athelhim and his life partner, Ru'Alm, live in the Blue Mountains near the Lamiis Sanctuary. They have 16 offspring, three of them still youths (by inner earth standards).

keynotes for attunement:

the eternal flame | clear quartz crystal | the rowan wood | the eagle | sacred mandalas


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In addition to having 16 offspring with her life partner, Athelhim, Ru'Alm works with other children as well. She is a "teacher" of sorts, although there is no equivalent to the word "teacher" in the inner earth languages -- it is an unknown concept. The inner earth tribes prefer to call such a position "heart-speakers" or sometimes "revelators."

Ru'Alm "heart-speaks" in the children's wing of the Lamiis Sanctuary, as well as in other locations throughout the interior of the earth.

keynotes for attunement:

a red poinsetta | a golden torque | the ruby | a crystal lake | wind chimes | the grey parrot


by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid


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