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the iac merkabah of the host logoi

The graphic images provided below can be used to facilitate an attunement or vibrational access to the group of beings we are referring to as the "Illumined Assembly of the Christos' [IAC] Merkabah of the Host [MOH]. We are thus referring to the two graphics below as IAC MOH Logoi.

The first IAC MOH Logos is our original as channeled by Maia and was created early in the year 2003. The second IAC MOH Logos came through in June 2006 when Simeon was doing a session with a client, and is in the form of 13 yod flames on the points of a 12-pointed star -- it is an alternative means of attunement to the IAC MOH.

Using these images is certainly not the only means of finding spiritual attunement to this collective of beings, but it is the one we have been given, and which we have developed into the digital art forms you see below. Use them in whatever way you are guided to do so. Additionally, we suggest that you use them as a stepping stone wherein you endeavor to embed the frequencies, energy and Light-consciousness you can experience in using these symbols into the very fabric of your being wherein you no longer need the symbol and can access those frequencies at will without it.

suggestions for use

To use these logos as attunements we would suggest that you first print a copy of them and take it into your meditation area with you. Start by getting yourself into a comfortable meditative posture [whatever works for you] and then start slowly and rhythmically start breathing in and out through your heart chakra. Once you have attained a deeper sense of peace from the heart-breathing then start focusing your attention upon the logos image.

Start breathing its essence in and out through your heart chakra. Ask for a solid connection to be made with the IAC Merkabah of the Host. Ask also that this connection be made in a way wherein you can consciously be aware of it. Once you feel this connection simply follow it and allow it to embrace you and to take you into a deeper journey guided by the IAC Merkabah of the Host.

If at first you do not attain a sense of connection with these beings, do not be discouraged or think that you have failed, you have not failed. Keep working with the process, allowing Spirit to modify it as need be for you, and KNOW that even if you are not consciously sensing the connection yet it IS being made.

using these logoi with respect and honor

We are providing these images to you as a spiritual service. They may be printed or used on your desktop as wallpaper for your personal use ONLY. They may NOT be re-distributed, altered, sold, used on web sites, book covers, business cards, brochures or used in any other way without obtaining permission and/or licensing from Spirit Heart Sanctuary for such purposes. Thanks for your understanding, respect, honor and support on this matter.

the original logos

click on image for larger printable version
art by Maia Nartoomid


13 yods logos

click on image for larger printable version

art by simeon nartoomid

This 13 Yod Flame logos was received by Simeon during a session with Isis Saris, who also sponsored this logos to be commissioned as digital art. Isis Saris wished to share what was given her in session with the world. Isis Saris is a Flower of Life, MerKaBa facilitator based in the Netherlands.