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merjham and leta

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Merjham, with his life partner, Leta, lives in the city of Imagos on the border of the Ilgamii forest. He is what we might call a "botanist" and is the "master gardener" in the Pirham Gardens of the city, as well as one of the "garden tenders" in the Aura Healing Garden within the Ilgamii forest.

Merjham has one son by a former "wife" who has since transitioned, and six offspring by his current life partner Leta. All of these offspring are now grown adults.

keynotes for attunement:

the oak and the elm | the sacred garden | a deep spring | the woodland fox


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Leta, as the life partner of Merjham and a mother of six mature offspring She is a guide at the Aura Healing Garden. She escorts people through the garden, introducing them to specific light patterns and various healing techniques and modalities.

keynotes for attunement:

the sacred well | an emerald fire | violets and deep blue roses | a sacred garden | the bluebird


by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid


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