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panthagra and earthara

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Panthagra dwells in Pimmat, a desert region where the Shirithan horses are created. I use the word "created" instead of "bred," as they are brought into physicality through specific devic materialization with the cooperation of the devas we know through mythos as the "unicorns." The Shirithan are horses and not unicorns, and yet they contain etheric unicorn-like qualities. Panthagra, who has "Sidhe" [ph. "shee" -- faerie/human mixture] blood, mind-heart speaks with the Shirithan horses and aids in the forming of their roles as healer-beings and "spirit senders" in the interior.

Panathagra and his spiritual partner, Earthara, have three mature offspring.

keynotes for attunement:

desert spaces | a white horse | a silent offering | pure spiritual communion


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The spiritual partner of Panathagra and mother of three, Earthara spends much time in the Aura Healing Garden in the Ilgamii forest, where unicorns are nurtured and tended. There are only a few locations in the interior where unicorns are still able to manifest in the physical. Earthara communes with these creatures and creates light matrices from their "heart-weaving" which is then projected out through the crystalline grid of the planet.

keynotes for attunement:

the unicorn | ivy | heart-weaving | the rain | deep forest pools


by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid


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