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thoth and sirafana

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Thoth Raimses

thoth raismes of aphra

This being has re-assumed his genetic form from a past life as "Thoth, Raismes of Aphra." In his current life experience he is once again involved with healing, alchemy and sacred architecture, although the healing arts are where his greatest focus lies. He maintains the Lamiis Sanctuary in the Blue Mountains of Demar. This Sanctuary promotes healing as a form of Divine Presence at the molecular level. "Lamiis" means to "abide" or to "remain constant" - not as an inflexibility, but as a coherence with the ALL.

Thoth Raismes along with Athelhim, creates many of the "Light Programs" initiated by the Illumined Assembly of the Christos. He also orchestrates the Merkabah of the Host gatherings.

With his life partner, Sirafana, Thoth Raismes lives in the Blue Mountains, in a complex of buildings which contains a tree house at its center. The tree house is their actual home, the other buildings form a spiritual temple around it.

Thoth Raismes and Sirafana have seven offspring: three daughters and four sons who are all adults now.

keynotes for attunement:

the ibis | the ankh | a solar cross | a solar-lunar balance | a lotus in the heart unfolding


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Sirafana, the life partner of Thoth Raismes and a mother of seven is a "Psalmer." She orchestrates and leads sacred choirs, many of which are perpetual choirs. These choirs hold Divine Presence through the vibrations of chant and psalm. It is a powerful means to expand world heart coherence. She focuses much of her attention to sound healing in the Lamiis Sanctuary.

keynotes for attunement:

silver rays of light | a wind harp | a "barge" of Avalon | sea pearls | the dolphin


by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid


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