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isho'a | yeshua

(jesus of nazareth)

at age 25 ~ portraits for later periods below

Isho'a / Yeshua ben Josef / Jesus of Nazareth appears as I see him in the akashic records at the age of 25. It was during the years from age 20 to 30 that he took his initiations in Egypt, China, India, Great Britain and Greece. It is my perception that for much of this period he was clean-shaven and I have  seen substantial historical evidence that men in his time and culture did shave as  primarily a result of the Greco-Roman influence upon his people.

keynotes for attunement:

a chalice | the Sea of Galilee | a white dove | red and white roses | rose-quartz hearts


isho'a at capernaum

According to my akashic insights, when Isho'a returned "home" from his sacred journeys to the mystery temples of various countries, he spent 10 months in Capernaum (Capharnaum / Kefar Nahum). Here, he established a modest dwelling that was also a place of sacred learning and initiation for the circle of apostles and disciples he would gather around him. After this time of preparation, he began his ministry. He continued however, to maintain Capernaum as his base and home.


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isho'a in gethsemane

In the last hours of physical freedom left to him on earth, Isho'a and some of his Apostles gathered in the Garden of Gethsemane. Here, the Master faced the limitations of his own humanity. In the depths of his process of fully accepting and merging with the greater potential of the ordeal which lie ahead of him, he became One with the greater purpose for which he had incarnated in that lifetime.


by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid


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