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Sirafana: The universe is a vast binary system. It is, however, a binary system that is always in balance. Its balance is always maintained by that which you know as love. What you know as cause and effect is that portion of the universe which responds to the universal substance of love, seeking always to maintain the universal balance.

Problems in the human experience emerge when the scope of awareness is not great enough to actually embrace systems that are expanded to a high enough degree to reveal the overall universal balance that in fact exists. The scope of how this balance occurs in the universe is much greater than most human beings on earth are able to take in all at one glance. You instead usually receive glimpses and insights which slowly come together to reveal an ever-expanding proximity to the awareness necessary to understand this universal balancing act orchestrated by love.

But this is not because you are somehow less than God or Spirit, it is because you ARE an integral part of the love orchestrating universal balance. It is the ideas, thoughts and feelings that are generated by the belief that something must be wrong that cause you the greatest difficulty as a human being.

The greatest teachers the earth has known have all understood this simple principle. It is one which many on the earth right now are embracing as well. I extend my heart, the love that I AM, as a power that I have realized, and radiate that power of love to all who seek their own liberation. You need not know me personally to benefit, although I do always savor those moments of communion with souls that reach out to me in personal embrace. There are many in the spiritual worlds that also extend this to you at this time.

The next several months in our collective experience will be of significance as the celestial clock's hands pass across the hour of noon. It is a time that demarks the turning point from dawn to dusk, alpha to omega. Be encouraged though that this is not a linear dynamic as earth time would suggest. The compression point of time is at hand wherein the second half of a mega cycle shall unfold very rapidly. Those of you who understand the geometry and mathematics of the Golden Mean Spiral will understand this well from that perspective.

The key element of this compression of time is love, the universal balancer. I wish to give you this added perspective on love, not because it improves on it, but because it helps the mind to align to the heart when the mind understands. Remember that as you surrender to love each and every moment in the most difficult as well as the most mundane of circumstances, you are a conscious participant with the One Great Love balancing the universe, compressing time in the earth into an ever smaller part of the human experience. Shortly, all that shall remain will be the essence and experience of love as everything else is distilled into the most refined and rarified spirit that we all share in Truth.

In Honor of the Radiance of You,

as received into the awareness of Rev. Simeon Nartoomid