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Sirafana: As I related to you in my message of 7/31/03, the earth as a collective consciousness on all dimensions is in a major passage of Spirit. We are just more than half way through this passage at this time in earth's linear view of time. Yet, this is a passage that is not bound by time and shall always be within the heart-memory of those who embrace it. The substance of what is currently being offered to the souls of earth is such that it spins a web of delight about the human nature. It is both the cocoon and the wings.

To take full advantage of this gift of the Spirit we must keep our gaze cast upon the seed sounds or keys to this passage. I am saying "we" because this is a passage I and all of the IAC join you in. We are not beyond it, yet we have a unique perspective to offer concerning it, and a specific role within it.

I might say in terms that you are familiar with, that you must keep your gaze cast clearly upon your Higher Self. Yet, this does not fully address the seed sounds and keys that are truly involved and is somewhat cliche. The age-old concepts of Higher Self and lower self are themselves drifting now as mists in the morning winds. There has been somewhat of an adversarial relationship between these perceived aspects of being. These types of perceptions have been helpful tools, but now you are offered the opportunity to step beyond into a new set of tools.

All that you have perceived in this way can now be seen simply as different colors in the rainbow of you. The red color is not an adversary to the violet color. And you have many colors in your rainbow your eyes have not yet beheld. These colors can only be made known to you if you embrace the whole rainbow as one being with many parts.

In the limited nature of human experience on earth it would seem very real that at times there is a conflict between certain parts of one's nature. The reasons for this are very complex. However, you can simply open to the idea of embracing it all as one being, liken to the different cells of your body each doing something different but all in concert with each other. If you look with a microscope at only one cell or group of cells, you would see clearly their minute world, but not their proper relationship to the whole body and all the other cells. They might even seem to be doing things that are in conflict with other parts of the body until the whole is embraced. This is the central awareness behind the new holistic systems theories emerging in your sciences.

In like manner then, the primary seed sound or key to this passage is to open your awareness to the whole of your being, and in doing so you embrace the whole of ALL Being. You must go through the heart-portal within your own being to accomplish this, which means to peer through the illusions of all inner conflicts and their associated adversarial relationships - one part of you against another part of you. You will find that by doing this your relationships with others will modulate into the type of experience your souls have been seeking for millennia.

In the Radiance of You,

as received into the awareness of Rev. Simeon Nartoomid