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This morning I [Simeon] was in a deep meditation and my consciousness was in communion with Sirafana of the IAC. In my communion with Sirafana this morning she helped me to pull together a number of different fields of awareness I have been developing over the years. Sirafana asked me to share this with you, and it is a unique combination therefore of her message and my own awareness of the past which she places into a new context.

Sirafana: In my message to you on 11/05/03 I gave to you the first seed sound or key to graceful passage through the dimensional portal now opening for the collective soul of humanity, the children of Gaia. In this communication I wish to give you a second key. It is important, however, that you know that the first key I have given already contains all the others within it. These keys are like the little Russian nesting boxes, all of them sitting within the first one. Yet, sensing and knowing the essence of how these keys form their intricate crystalline networks of holistic support for each other gives any individuated being an additional advantage in consciously choosing to enter this sublime dance and participate in its Divine Offering of Love and Grace.

The second key has to do with your sense of purpose in life. In truth, purpose is something that is both universal and personal, it has two faces. The universal level is the most rarified essence of your being, and is something we all share regardless of where we find ourselves focused in consciousness within the Universe. This essence, the universal purpose we all share, is to expand the beauty and texture and radiance of Love in the Universe. Divine Love is complete unto itself, yet it is still expanding in beauty, texture and radiance. Every act of love adds a little to the Universal Heart. The Sacred Flow of Life offers us opportunities each and every moment of our shared existence to respond to SOMETHING with love. This is the purpose of the Sacred Flow of Life itself. Learning to recognize more consciously the opportunities that the Sacred Flow of Life brings to you for loving response is the first step of this key. Becoming more attuned to and proficient with this activity places you into a stronger resonance with the purpose in Life we all share. A soul must learn to prioritize this effort in Life first and foremost.

It is only when a soul has come to a certain threshold of realization within this effort and is necessary prioritization that they then find the world opening before them as a vast playground ripe with purpose and joy. You will know then that anything you do in your world from this platform can serve your specific life purpose as a human being and will thus bring great joy to your heart. Yet, you will have various skills that have been developed throughout your life, and specific astrological influences and energies you have incorporated into your incarnational sheathing, the web of the limited you, that will cause you to find your specific purpose in human life within certain fields of resonance. If you are standing firmly upon the platform of universal purpose I have related to you, you will feel and know these resonances clearly and they will guide you along your path of service to Humanity and the Source.

The celestial portals are wide open right now in a way which will support you in accomplishing these things. Affirm your intention to do so each and every day with great feeling and passion. Look for the ways in which you can expand this effort in every moment of your life, especially the effort towards your shared universal purpose in expanding the beauty, texture and radiance of Love in the Universal Heart. Nothing is more important and never has been.

In the Radiance of You,

as received into the awareness of Rev. Simeon Nartoomid