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christmas and new year 2003

Panthagra: Humanity is being called to come to the place where all points meet in the heart. It is the deep passage between stone and sky where the focus is not on the summit, but instead on the ship's bow as it parts the water. Each moment is illumined by the sun and finds a place of wonder in the flow of the eternal. In this year that is upon the threshold, the earth is moving past the sheath of the last 100,000 years and spinning a new garment of fine and transparent gold. Each human on and in the earth will become part of that shining fabric-no matter their individual karmas, for the golden sheath is spun from the greater soul presence that each life on earth contains.

Events will unfold in 2004 that will unhinge the locked doors allowing the cold, clear air to move through long-stagnant places. Throughout the world a growing number of people will hear the song. . . the hum deep inside the Mother. It will soothe the listener and direct him/her to draw upon the greater Source that what the world may provide.

From Tibet, Peru and the Dead Sea region, energies will be released from the center of the planet to weave the Stairway to the Sun. The purpose of the "stairway" is not to ascend but to experience the balance in all things. The Stairway to the Sun is a counterpart of the DNA helix. It is a solar helix which will reach from the central sun of the planet to the sun of this solar system and though it, to the Hunab Ku (galactic center).

Toward the end of 2004 and into the first months of 2005, a new light grid will form around the Roil Point of the planet (located on the Big Island of Hawaii). THIS IS the point where energy streams upward as a core beam from the solar atoma at the center of the earth. This new light grid we call the "Maiden" for it resonates as a divine feminine "virgin-child" coming out of the Mother's flow at Mauna Loa & Kilauea. The Maiden will gently turn in the deep and the dolphins and sea turtles will follow new paths in the ocean.

2004 will be the year when new worlds begin to shake themselves and arise from the collective Dreaming. Like barnacles on the backs of great whales that lift themselves out of the sea, old habitations of the mind will be washed away until only the power of Spirit calls the traveler onward. Who will see these new worlds, live in them, become them? The Aboriginals have lived in the time-song of these worlds since the Elementals formed their shells from dust. They are the Keepers of the Song Lines [the large image below].
Keeper of the Song
3rd in the "Guardians" Series
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Now, in the 21st century, the sentience that contains the memory and rhythms of the many worlds in One will break apart like an egg pecked by the slender beak of a loving predator who devours to give life. Out will spill the richness of the sentient Old Earth to be consumed by the creature of the New Earth. The yoke will nourish consciousness and create form out of the formlessness of the void. 2004 marks a pivotal movement in this transformation.

As the world ventures ever deeper into this next century, the joyful experience of belonging to Spirit and being consumed by the Flame of Love will no longer be a long-sought desire. It will become an urgent and immediate need, as necessary as air to fill the lungs or food to nourish the body. Many will literally perish without it. Yet those who accept and prioritize the needs of the soul will ignite the inner fire and find nothing else necessary in order to sustain the life within them.

Blessed Gifts from the Christos,

through Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid