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2/14/04 haleakala activation

date of transmission 1/28/04

On February 14th in our sacred process at the Haleakala crater on Maui we [Maia and Simeon] will be burying 12 small, folded sheets of hand-made paper containing sacred words that were sealed with wax at the foot of Mt. Sinai in the Sinai Desert in 1989. The imprint in the waxen seals of these 12 papers is from a Silver Seal which I [Maia] had crafted in 1976 in Carmel, California at the request of my mentor, Thoth Raismes. I was told at the time that the Silver Seal would eventually be buried.

In 1989 I entrusted the seal to a spiritual colleague who took it with her on a sacred journey to seal the papers at Sinai with the Silver Seal and then bury that Seal in the desert there. Thoth requested that I keep the returned, sealed papers for a "future time." That time has now come. Along with the sealed papers, several small stones will be buried at Haleakala, one of them from the site of "Masada" in the Dead Sea region of Israel. The Masada plateau is the anchoring location of the future city of Korbolla [app. 7,000 CE], which is the main entry point of the Templa Mar Matrix into this space-time dimension. Many of you will recall we did the 6th anchoring of a Templa Mar node in Topanga, CA [near LA] back on 7/7/03.

In 1997 we anchored one of the Templa Mar nodes at the Kileauea crater on the Big Island of Hawaii. While the process at Haleakala will not be a node anchoring, it will be an activation of the entire Templa Mar Matrix.

From a recent Merkabah of the Host transmission I received:

"With the delivery of the 12 seals (sealed light coded papers) to Haleakala, so the path is opened between the Hawaiian/Maui/future City of Light associated with Haleakala, Hawaii and the Sinai/Dead Sea/Korbala future City of Light associated with Masada, Israel. The Guardians of the House of the Sun (Haleakala) await this arrival. They will open the gates for you. Once the spontaneous sacred process is complete, draw a circle (the sun) around what has been interred and then OPEN THE CIRCLE facing WEST and EAST. This will create a corridor going from west to east (and vice-versa)."

For any of you who wish to participate remotely in this February 14th process, the following is a suggested way of linking into the flow. There is NO specific time given to us for this process on 2/14/03. We are told we will be guided as to when and where it should happen in the moment. You will thus need to do the same thing, attune to your inner voice and move with the energy as you are guided to. This is not a linear process, so all of the energy and consciousness will weave together in its most appropriate way if we work with it in this manner.

A SUGGESTED PROCESS: Visualize yourself present with us at Haleakala. Feel your heart connect to the center of the planet. . . the "Golden Rose" as Thoth calls the central sun chakra of the earth at it's core.

FEEL the waves of LOVE that Gaia shares with us as its pulsates back and forth from the Golden Rose at the center of Gaia's heart to each of us as we focus together upon holding the Sacred Flame at Haleakala. Direct this golden light so you sense it moving throughout the Templa Mar Matrix and spreading to the entire planet on all levels of being. Chant aloud or to yourself these sacred words 16 times while calling upon Gaia to release her dove-children into the Templa Mar or "Temple of the Sea":

(ph. roo-eee - ah-kah - ah-sha - noo-ee)

Now visualize yourself at Haleakala with us, stoop to the ground and draw a circle around the sacred objects buried there. OPEN the circle from East to West.

Conclude the process in your own way, with your prayers, thought-intentions and spirit gifts to Gaia in her "House of the Sun."

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by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid