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update to 1/28/04

2/08/04:  Due to a highly accelerated divine path that has opened up for us in our move to Hawaii we have had to cancel our previously scheduled journey there from 2/11/04 thru 2/25/04. Thus, we will not be physically on Haleakala on February 14th as planned. We will be physically facilitating that activation shortly after we move to Maui. Things here have acellerated so quickly to facilitate our move to Hawaii it is almost beyond belief!

For those of you who have made plans to be in certain places or do specific things to coordinate with us on February 14th, the IAC Merkabah of the Host has suggested that it would be most appropriate for you to continue to carry through with those plans because the energy and consciousness that such activations represent are not limited by time nor space. The Merkabah of the Host also related to us that such activities would in fact start the activational process in motion in a very real way ahead of us, and would potentially set the stage for an even more powerful energy event when we physically do the spiritual work on Haleakala after our move.  Given our current timeline it appears we will be on Maui by March 16, and hopefully we will have received shipment of all our possessions, found a place to live and have gotten settled and established there by the end of April. 

We are also being prompted at this time to announce that the Merkabah of the Host has indicated our future work on Maui will involve working with the Hesperus [a Greek word connoting Venusian connections], a grouping of beings that are Dolphin Masters. These beings express through human, dolphin and non-physical etheric forms. They are here at this time to oversee and facilitate the re-uniting of the dolphin and human consciousness streams. This joyful reunion is part of the evolution of consciousness on earth, the manifestation of the Divine Human Template [Adam Kadmon esoterically which is represented in the "future" manifestation of the 7th Root Race vibrating to the harmonic of 777]. We are thus being prompted to start partnering with other teachers, healers, groups, etc. to bring groups of people to Maui from around the world to interact with the Hesperus Dolphin Masters, and that would include the dolphins themselves as well as working through the etheric dolphin temples onshore upon Maui and possibly other islands in the Hawaiian chain.

If any of you are interested in such partnering arrangements once we have been able to get things established on Maui please let us know your thoughts, feelings, and inspirations, by simply responding to this e-mail if you are on the list. Or, if you get this message second hand from friends who are on the list, by contacting us.

Soon, [probably around 2/28/04] our computers will have to be taken offline and packed for shipment to Hawaii. We would expect to stay in touch sporadically to some degree after the computers are packed by using our laptop until things are set back up in Hawaii. Please be patient if we don't get back with you right away after this point.

As an aside, our organizational name "Spirit Heart Sanctuary" would be most appropriately expressed in the native Hawaiian tongue as "Akua Pu'u Wai Pu'u Honua."

For more information on the Hesperus Dolphin Masters go to:

Peace in One Heart,
Rev.'s Simeon & Maia Nartoomid