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re-scheduled haleakala activation


This is an open invitation to anyone who feels so guided join us on Maui, Hawaii for the following:

We have been guided by the IAC to select the date of June 8th, 2004 for the re-scheduling of the Haleakala Maui activation we originally planned to facilitate on February 14th, 2004. This is the date of the first in a pair of Venus Transits eight years apart [these are fairly rare events]. The second transit of this pair occurs on June 6, 2012. We are being guided to start creating a bridge between these two dates with this activation [more later on the nature of this bridge].

The June 8, 2004 activation will involve burying the 12 Seals created at Mt. Sinai at or near the Haleakala crater on Maui. You can read more about these 12 seals and their relationship to Haleakala at:

You can read more about these Venus Transits at:

You can read about Venus Transits archetypally and historically at:

You can read about some scientific info on Venus Transits at:


For us and the spiritual work we are doing, the Venus Passage is of special import as we feel that our main spiritual work on Maui will involve the Hesperus-Dolphin connection. Hesperus is an ancient deity from Greece associated with Venus as the evening star, and is symbolic of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. To read a little bit more about our future work with the Hesperus Dolphin Masters go to:

After the burying of the 12 Seals we will call upon the Hesperus Dolphin Masters and offer ourselves as vessels for the star seed they carry in their holographic fields, that we may radiate the star seed through the earth until the next Venus Passage of June 6th, 2012. As we carry the star seed through this 8 year span, so it spins from our energy bodies into other life forms (human, animal and plant) which call it into being within their cells. The star seed of which we speak was spun out of the Hunab Ku (center of the universe) in the First Creation. As we receive the star seed from the Hesperus Dolphin Masters on June 8th, 2004, we will then proceed from Haleakala taking the road along the North Shore of Maui through Hana, and then back to our point of demarcation for the day. Along this path, we will "stream" the star seed from our energy bodies into the earth at certain key point on the sacred isle of Maui. We will make a few stops along the way to connect some of these nodes.

We also invite everyone to join us remotely who cannot actually make it to Maui physically. We will be providing a remote linking process for this event sometime in May.

For those of you with QuickTime installed on your computer, you can view a 360 panorama of the scenery along the road to Hana as a helpful attunement for remote linking. Go to:

For some beautiful still photographs on the Road to Hana:

The IAC is very much involved in this new direction in our work as well. We have been made aware that the Dolphins and Unicorns are primary bearers of the Christos Ray in the nature Kingdom. The Unicorns rarely appear on the manifest physical plane on earth these days, so it is the dolphins that most profoundly ground that frequency into the devic communities of the earth. Additionally, the Unicorns hold the masculine aspect of the Christos Ray in the devic field of earth whereas the dolphins embody more the feminine aspect of that same Ray. These things are all relative, but we find that it helps to have these relative reference points at times so we pass them along to you.

In conducting these future Venus-Maui spiritual retreats we will be looking to partner with others in bringing people to Maui for this work. We are additionally open to our partner's direct spiritual contributions as part of these retreats as well. If you are potentially interested in such partnering arrangements please contact us.

In closing, we are flying one-way to Maui [moving] on March 16th. About a week before that our normal electronic communications channels will be disconnected and we will be on cell phones and our laptop for e-mail. You can keep checking with our website for our current contact info and our e-mail addresses will remain the same so you can feel free to contact us that way. Please be patient as it may take us a bit longer than usual to respond to e-mail during the transition to Maui, Hawaii.

by Rev.'s Maia & Simeon Nartoomid