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venus gate and transit


IAC MOH: Venus as a planet in your solar system is an archetypal representation of a Universal Goddess often referred to as Ishkea by many Illumined and Radiant Ones. Ishkea is most specifically the Divine Nurturer. She is an unlimited depth of caring driven by an unquenchable compassion that flows from the Universal Heart. Ishkea has no metes and bounds. She is the vast expanse of the Absolute fire-formed into a passionate embrace that nurtures all without even the slightest hint of reflective hesitation.

As Ishkea's daughter Venus transits across the face of your solar orb on June 8th, 2004 her compassionate and nurturing vibrational register will be cosmically imprinted upon your planetary ether - forever - with a cosmic hug. There is no turning back from this event. On June 6th, 2012 comes the second in this pair of Venus Transits. This is when Ishkea and her daughter Venus seal earth's humanity within their destiny of compassion with a passionate kiss upon the brow. The 8 year period between these two Venus Transits is the time of acceptance of Ishkea's Gift.

An individual being may choose to experience the changes this will bring about easefully, or painfully. But the changes will occur regardless. This is Divine Grace Itself. No being shall be left out of the sweet embrace Ishkea and her daughter Venus have for them. The Source loves all and treats all equally even when they do not include themselves in that love.

We say to you, in behalf of the Host, Isho'a [Yeshua], this is the time of the "Second Coming" spoken of. You are each the second embodiment of the Christos on earth. The vehicle of humanity itself is the Body and Blood of Christ and the only sacrifice needed today is to re-prioritize your life in order to make compassion for and acceptance of all your brothers and sisters the foremost expression in your life. Your primal survival mechanism will try to tell you in a thousand different ways that to do so will cause you to not be able to meet your own basic needs, that you will be drained and left hanging limp in the breeze. You must take the sweet embrace of Ishkea and Venus into your being in such a way that the unlimited compassion and caring their energies represent can now become your new survival mechanism replacing fight or flight response. If you move towards compassion, caring, fairness and kindness when the primal instinct impels you to separate out of fear and lack, then this shall become the reality you will experience and your journey will be easeful.

We, the IAC Merkabah of the Host, and the Host Isho'a himself, are here to help and support you on your journey through the Venus Gate [6/8/2004 thru 6/6/2102]. In fact, many celestial and cosmic beings are also awaiting your requests for assistance. Its is vitally important to realize that you are surrogates for the entire collective consciousness of humanity in your endeavors. Dedicate yourself to this end, and the Greater Power shall be available for the task at hand. If you over-personalize your efforts you will limit your available spiritual power to your personal reserves and you will become exhausted. Should this happen, fret not, but rather realize this is the way of the Source in letting you know you have unconsciously separated and need to connect to the unlimited supply of Universal Love and Energy once again.

We anxiously await the sweet embrace if Ishkea and Venus along with you. Their Gift has been long awaited. Let us savor it together.

In Unity,


Spirit Heart Sanctuary herein gives you a simple prayer-meditation for June 8th to help you attune to the core energy, love and consciousness offered on June 8th:

Ishkea, bride of the Universal Christos, may my heart be opened fully to you and your celestial daughter Venus this very sacred day. May I be imprinted with and fully embody your Divine caring and compassion each and every moment of my existence, and may I do so as a surrogate for the entire collective humanity of the earth.

May I always remain aware from this point forward of the choice I have to respond from a place of compassion and caring rather than from fear and separation at all times regardless of what may seem justified to the contrary. My any tears I may shed on my path be offered as blessings of holy water upon the greater altar of Divine Love, and may they be as a baptism of Spirit for my growing and expanding human self.

Amama ua noa [the prayer has flown]

as received into the awareness of Rev. Simeon Nartoomid