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haleakala-venus node activation

revelations and insights from maui on june 11, 2004

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The following is a compilation of insights, revelations and experiences from the four of us who physically facilitated the Haleakala-Venus Node Activation here on Maui June 7th and 8th, 2004. Enjoy, and keep expanding the LOVE, you're ALL beautiful!

maia christine nartoomid

Bringing the sealed symbols from the Sinai to Haleakala through a linear passage of 15 years brought about powerful feelings of both completion and new beginnings for me. As we opened each seal to reveal the images within which I had drawn in silver ink onto the blue, handmade paper (donated for this purpose), I felt an incredible charge go throughout my body, yet centering profoundly in the heart. I knew then, that it was now time to understand more about these symbols and realized that their journey had only just begun.

It has consequently been revealed to me that these 12 symbols which were given to me to transcribe upon the papers in 1989, are the O'PAH, meaning the Sphere or Circle of Light that calls new creations into existence. The word is of the aloii, which is the First Language, first brought to the life of sound from the impulses of the brain in the most ancient days of Lemuria. O'pah is the Sound in it's first forming out of the mouth of the Elohim (Creation Lords). This "first forming" is not sound. It is the etheric pattern that precedes the sound. . . the DESIRE that is then made manifest in the WORD. The O'pah is spherical, like a swirling bubble containing the etheric Desire Breath that proceeds into the second form, which is the Manifest Breath. As the O'pah gathers intent through desire, so the sphere-breath becomes more radiant with divine luminescence. When a human reaches into the heart-seed of his/her being and touches that kernel of love and devotion to the God-ness of all things, so the O'pah - the Desire Breath - is released. This is the beginning of a New Creation in the universe. Seedling light veins are formed that connect to the O'pah of many other souls. In this way a "body" or star merkabah will eventually form to shine forth in the heavens. The entire process is of course, vast and complex in arrangement of it's components, but this is the end result.

The Elohim or "Creation Lords" are universal intelligences who are beyond what we understand as individual souls, for they incorporate "soul-ness" into a broader spectrum of awareness. Yet THEY are US, for we all create O'pah that join together. The Elohim simply form deeper connections into the strands we offer them through the sacred geometry within the pulses of our DNA. As humanity moves closer to the center of the Desire Breath, so we become the new evolutionary level of Creation Lords, merging our soul-ness with a more expanded band of Awareness.

The O'pah symbols then, are keynote triggers that can act upon our head brains and heart brains and quicken even deeper responses within the crystals of the DNA. They are intended to facilitate the Desire Breath for those who meditate with them. There are 12, for there are 12 "Movements" of the Desire Breathe and 12 main meridians that are stimulated in the DNA to create the O'pah. The purpose of creating a linking on the planet between the Sinai/Dead Sea and Haleakala on Maui is significant, and I will touch upon it only briefly here. In essence, these two nodes on the planet contain major "Cities of Light" along the "future" timeline of earth. As these two points received the imprint of the O'pah Symbols, so they joined forces in a new pattern of breath for the planet, opening the way to the 44:44 Stargate. The 44:44 Stargate is simply a term being used to signify the doorway to Full Realization of OUR TRUE COMPOSITION AND BEINGNESS IN THE UNIVERSE.

To place the significance of the O'pah Seals into perspective, they could look differently than they do. The images chosen however, were from the original "Book of Breaths" or Hau'te ka le of Lemuria. These symbols were chosen by my Illumined Mentor, Thoth as they have a powerful charge from past association with the 12 "Movements" of Desire Breath.

I have now been asked to release these symbols on the Internet so that they may stream through that energy resource out into the world. I took photographs of them at the site where we buried the O'pah papers on Haleakala, just after the seals were broken open and just before they were laid into their earthen nest to be returned to the soil. This gave them a quickening which was transferred into my digital camera and imprinted onto each of the photographs.

I will soon be placing these symbols and other photographs of our Venus Transit / Sacred Seals experience on my Spirit Mythos website [a sub-ministry of Spirit Heart Sanctuary]. I will announce these additions to my website through both the SHS Members email list and my Spirit Mythos Updates list. This will be a much more complete treatment of the matrix that these symbols represent. At that time I will also include a much more involved procedure to expand your work with the O'pah symbols at that time. Until then, we have made the O'pah symbols and a simplified process to use with them available right now.

CLICK HERE to embrace these 12 sacred symbols.

In conclusion, there is a chant given in the book "Manna Cards ~ The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom" by Catherine Kalama Becker, PH.D. and Doya Nardin I wish to share with you. I asked to receive a Hawaiian chant which would be most appropriate for this conclusion, and opened the book to (SACRED DRUM) TIMING/RITUAL. The chant given with this card is: "He ho'aulona kapu pahu" which means "A sacred sign the drum."

According to Becker and Nardin, the "pahu" or drum is one of the most important instruments for accompanying the Hula, which is a sacred dance of the Hawaiians. The authors state: "A version of the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian creation chant, says that during the eighth period of creation, right after the birth of the first man and woman, the drums were born." Thus, the drum is a representation of the celebration of the Sacred. I see also that this chant signifies our arrival at a point in time upon the planet where the sound changes. The core sound of the earth is changing Her tone. She is signaling out into the Universe that the time is NOW for a New Creation of her Being. We are part of that Being.

simeon nartoomid

The Crystalline Aquamarine Fire: As we sat meditating on the a'a [rough jagged and blocky] lava rocks at the Maui shoreline in Waianapanapa Park on the 8th, I saw the "summit crater" of Haleakala was filled with a crystalline aquamarine etheric substance or "fire." This aquamarine fire was flowing off of the summit of Haleakala down specific ley lines that emanate in a radial pattern around the globe from there. It was "filling" the earth's etheric envelope. We were in a focalizing area within one of those ley lines as it entered the sea. The Illumined Assembly of the Christos' [IAC] Merkabah of the Host [MOH] came through and said that this crystalline aquamarine fire-substance was the new etheric body for the earth. The old etheric body had been solidly within the blue frequency - deep sky blue - but now it is shifting into the aquamarine frequency for the transitional phase into what Thoth related to us earlier about Numis Om. Numis Om, simply put, is the Transitional Earth, a staging area between the Old Earth and the New Ascended Earth or New Earth Star [NES].

I was also made aware at this time that this new aquamarine etheric body of the earth, as it gained strength and started to more fully replace the old etheric body, would make it possible for the dolphins to swim more freely throughout the earth's etheric envelope in their astral bodies. This would make it possible for them to interact more frequently with humanity for the seeding of their consciousness within the elemental soul of humanity.

According to our sources, the dolphins are the primary elemental-devic beings on the third manifestational plane of the earth who are "anchoring" the Christos Ray [crystalline gold-white light]. The Unicorns are the primary elemental-devic beings in the fourth dimensional plane anchoring the Christos Ray. Thus, as the dolphins are enabled to swim more free astrally through the etheric envelope of the earth they will be able to come into direct mass-contact with the elemental soul of the humans they are drawn to, thus helping to "lift" the frequency of the collective elemental soul of humanity in the process. We can see this as a Christing of the natural-instinctive-devic-animal aspects of humanity.

It was also revealed to me that the way dolphins have been able to remotely interact with humanity up unto this point, has been through the individuals they interacted with creating an aquamarine "pool" in the etheric about them. Then, because of their love for, and resonance with, the dolphins, this aquamarine pool forms "wormholes" through the etheric envelope of the earth that are also filled with this crystalline aquamarine substance. The dolphins then swim astrally through these wormholes or tunnels to interact with the soul[s] who create them. There are times also where a soul, or group of souls, will create these crystalline aquamarine pools and wormholes for other souls as well.

This crystalline aquamarine fire-substance is somewhat denser [more thoroughly manifest] than pure light, so this is why I am referring to it as a fire-substance. It is occurring as the result of a direct infusion of crystalline aquamarine light from/through Venus as Guardian of the Earth. This crystalline aquamarine light from Venus is a form of what we call "The Flame That Does Not Burn." This is the flame of the Divine Love of Compassion. This Flame lifts and embraces that which it embraces, and is part of the gift of the Goddess Ishkea which the MOH mentioned in their message of 5/23/04.

This is in contrast to "The Flame That Burns." We have been experiencing The Flame That Burns as a collective humanity as our primary means of transformation for many millennia now. The Flame That Burns brings the power of transformation [and thus liberation] to bear upon all that it touches, but it does so in a way that does not directly incorporate the Law of Divine Grace. Therefore, the Law of Divine Grace is not directly experienced by the soul touched by The Flame That Burns. However, it is always operable, but in a context that is outside the scope of the soul's conscious awareness.

With The Flame That Does Not Burn, the Law of Divine Grace is fully present to be experienced by the soul touched by that Flame, WITHIN the context of its own conscious awareness. Both of these Flames are born of the Great Love, and as such, are also under the action of the Law of Divine Grace. However, The Flame That Does Not Burn brings the Law of Divine Grace to bear immediately within the soul's current incarnational experience. It is important to understand that there is no "external power" or authority which determines which Flame a soul may experience in any given moment. That is determined by the soul or collective group of souls themselves. When the consciousness is such that there is a great deal of self-pride and identification with the spiritual accomplishment involved in the spiritual transformational process, then The Flame That Burns is summoned. The soul usually is not aware of this working of the Law, therefore simply becoming aware of it can empower the soul to endeavor to summon The Flame That Does Not Burn instead.

The primary mindset-attitude required to summon The Flame That Does Not Burn into your experience is one which recognizes that the ultimate power of transformation of the soul is beyond its own scope of awareness and it's personal reserve of energy/power to elicit. The more limited mindset of spiritual self-accomplishment places one into direct confrontation with their karma - the path of suffering. The more expansive mindset of transformation through Divine Grace places one into a position that allows "their karma" to take a softer and more graceful pathing through the Heart of God and then back to them. In this way, God's gift is to purify our karma and to return it to us with love. Within this purified form returned to us is a packet of "wisdom." The soul must then receive that wisdom and act accordingly. If we trot off on our merry way without realizing that there is still an expanded awareness and wisdom to be gleaned through Divine Grace as well, then we have "stolen away" and refused the gift in essence, usually without realizing it. So we then place ourselves back into the mindset of self-accomplishment and set the stage for more of The Flame That Burns as part of our consciousness evolution.

The shift in the earth's etheric envelope to the crystalline-aquamarine frequency is both a manifestation of a changing collective mindset [don't let the media fool you, it IS taking place enmasse] and a gift from very expanded states of Being - the Heart of God - Ishkea.

The Twelve Seals: The twelve seals we buried on Haleakala were originally channeled and drawn on pieces of handmade paper by Maia Christianne back in 1989. These were then taken to Sinai by our friend and colleague Estrella, also in 1989. There was a solid silver seal created especially for this occasion. Estrella sealed each of the seals with sealing wax, then buried the silver seal on Sinai as per Thoth's instructions. After having gone through the process with the seals on Haleakala I was made aware that the entire Venus Transit was encoded with a specific set of codes that comprised 144 tumblers in a cosmic "lock" of sorts. This lock had to be unlocked in order for the Venus Transit gate to be opened fully to humanity. The twelve seals were like 12 of the notches in a key which fit 12 of the 144 tumblers in the Venus Transit lock upon the celestial gate.

I was also made aware that there were 11 other primary group foci taking place on the planet during the Venus Transit, each of which held 12 more notches that would open tumblers in that lock of 144. All of you who participated with us, each in your own way, were a part of working with the 12 tumblers we were facilitating. Some of you may even have participated in more than one primary group focus as "synergizers," helping to smooth the "bumps" between the notches in the key as it as being cut.

The Bridge Completed With A Birthing of New Souls: I was made aware that during the period between the two Venus Transits on June 8th, 2004 and June 6th, 2012, our solar system's star-sun would be giving birth to a new "pod" of souls. According to what Maia Christianne was made aware of by Thoth over 20 years ago, souls are birthed upon two great arcs which develop out of a star when the star enters a soul-birthing phase. This is a somewhat rare event, happening only upon certain celestial synchronizations. In any event, the soul's which have been birthed within our solar system and who have been part of the collective soul of humanity on earth, are a core part of what our sources refer to as the "primal evolution" of the earth. Primal here does not mean a negative thing.

There are also many souls who were birthed upon arcs of stars other than our own sun, and who are here in the collective human experience. These souls are a core part of what our sources call the "stellar evolution." One of the keys to understanding this is to realize that neither evolution is "better" than the other. They are just different and offer each other something Divine as they weave their sacred tapestry together. This is a large topic, so I shall keep it simple for now. The bottom line is, the stellar evolution is here to go through the school of earth wherein they can learn about the realm of unbalanced polarities [the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil]. As a result of this experience the stellar evolution will be able to move one step closer towards their "Elohimship."

The new souls being birthed into our solar system that take up residence in the earth's collective soul, are a part of what many have called the sixth root race. This octave of the primal evolution has been unfolding for a period of time already, so this is not the first wave of souls to be birthed within it [there is a degree of overlap between the issuance of the various "root races"]. Each wave that has been birthed, reaches a new note within that sixth octave, and this note to be sounded between 2004 and 2012 will be one which creates a multi-plex of harmonics with all the other primal evolutionary notes, AND, starts to resonate solidly with the complex dimensional harmonics being sounded by the stellar evolution. Thus, the bridge will be completed between the primal and stellar evolutions. All other "soul birthing waves" which have issued forth from our sun have been building this bridge since the inception of human experience on earth. Now the bridge shall be completed by June 6th, 2012.

The next phase will be to walk the collective soul of humanity across the bridge. However, because the stellar evolution is also embodied within the primal evolution, we will have to ALL walk across the bridge we have been building together! What a joyful journey this shall be!


As our group of four silently made our way down the rocky, mist-filled trail near the summit of Haleakala, I reflected upon our group intention during the auspicious window of opportunity: the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun which hasn't happened since 1874. We were here to add our energies to the world-wide Oneness Gathering - to express love, to invoke the healing energies of God/Goddess/Great Spirit, the angels and spiritual guides and to welcome the amazing, loving and revitalizing energies of Venus. Most specifically we were here to complete a process that began for the others 15 years ago, a powerful moment-in-time to be sure.

Known as the "Star Inanna" in Sumerian times, Venus was inscribed on clay tablets as an eight-pointed star, and for sheer perfection and cosmic humor, a member of our group called herself Estrella (star)! Venus had already made her presence known in my life in a multitude of ways. For brevity sake, I share two Venusian connections of mine: at one time I was a sales rep for a beautiful alabaster statue of Venus, and on my left hand I wear a white sapphire ring that the Vedic jewelers had inscribed for me with Venus symbols on each side in gold.

I began feeling the energies of this powerful time period many days before our journey to the summit to do ceremony, and I was already in an altered state. The excited stirrings inside of me were because I sensed the Shift was imminent and very soon there would be a mass awakening. There was a new beginning in store for us, the one that we had long awaited. It dawned upon me during one meditation that this Shift was more of a ripping away of the veils from what had always been all around us and to which we had just been blinded. The glorious Golden Age really had never passed away. Had this splendiferous beauty and awareness been hidden from us because of a spell, an experiment, or a natural cycle like the Yugas of India knowledge?

For whatever reasons we have endured the increasingly dangerous trends in population density, economics, technology, politics, and ecology, we are now at the turning point. The Mother Force? the Love Power? the Life Force is returning with a power that is unmistakable. These are exciting times to be alive.

My vision which I would like to contribute is this: sitting on the rough lava stones at Waianapanapa Park with our group, I saw a beautiful butterfly emerge from its cocoon. This butterfly was testing its wings and flapping them in preparation for expansive flight. Very soon this butterfly will take off. I sense that this butterfly flapping its wings must be the transitional phase (Numis Om) to which Simeon & Maia speak. There is zero need to buckle our seat belts this time for the flight is one of Amazing Grace!


Each footstep on the path on the Haleakala Crater is taken with awareness. A deep Gratitude with each step: for the support of the Mother Earth, for the honor of having shared with Lawrence Chisholm to seal these 12 scrolls in the Sinai Desert over 14 years ago; and Gratitude to those who walk in the Spirit World who are with us during these two days, June 7th and 8th. Those Spirits who witnessed the Sealing of the 12 scrolls join us once again. As the Mother Earth receives these beautiful 12 pieces, a prayer of Gratitude goes out on the wind to all of our family on the Earth - a prayer that we will all be Willing to accept the precious gifts that come to us now at this time of sacred activation with the Venus Transit. These gifts are so immense and infinite, so little we really know about what they bring for each of us.

In the wee hours of June 8th, I awake in Hana, Maui and feel a stirring outside. I peek out the window to see the partial Moon shining on the ocean. I feel the ancient spirit dancing the Hula to the Moon and to the world as Venus dances its way across the Sun. As I climb back into bed, I feel a strong negativity within me and I know it's asking for its release. Through the center of my body, I release, feeling pain, yet this letting go provides a peaceful place, a Holy Grail, to receive the Divine Gift occurring. So vast, so unknown, yet I accept it for my Family on Earth with the a prayer that each of us surrenders to this Divine Light.

My prayer of Gratitude continues its walk, for sharing this experience with these 3 incredible souls. And what fun we had during these 2 days together! Another prayer sent out on the wind for the rest of our family on Earth, to feel this fun, the laughter, the spiritual intimacy we have shared.

The Beauty, the underlying Harmony of Haleakala and Hana, the power of creation, and a Spirit Family that came together - these are the memories imprinted in my Heart, and I continue the walk of gratitude.