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Sirafana: Ha'rem Nep Fas'olah. In the language of one of the Illumined Inner Earth Tribes this means "and now this is the time we have been waiting for." We have been auspiciously silent since the Venus Transit on June 8th. It has been a time of deep inner reflection for all souls on earth. Some souls have taken this reflection inwardly very deep, others who have not yet awakened to their divine nature have had glimmerings of something familiar within them. This then, is at the heart of the celestial song I sing into your hearts today.

The song has several notes within it, each has a resonance that vibrates in harmony with the others. It is a simple song relative to those you are familiar with in your world, yet the harmonics generated by the resonance of the few notes within it reach far and wide and cannot be measured so easily except within the heart. The heart has a grasp of all the harmonics I am singing today. Listen carefully from that sacred center of your being. Many of my previous messages to you have been poetic and mystical. My message today is meant to be more practical and closer to your human experience in order to reach out and touch your hearts with the essence of my love unveiled.

All souls in your world are divine, there are no exceptions. One of the great obstacles your world faces at this time in its efforts to be re-birthed within the Great Sea of Spirit is the prevalent mass perception that some souls are not divine energy in manifestation. While I heartily acknowledge that from your limited human perspectives it would certainly appear this way at times, I must encourage you to gently move all levels of your perception to higher planes of awareness. It is also important to maintain your awareness relative to dynamics that others and yourself may be engaged within that are not resonant with the Universal Heart. The key is not to get over-focused on such dynamics. Rather, re-focus your inner eye upon the divine purpose within all beings and things. There is not a single particle or wave of creation which is not imbued with divine purpose or else it would not exist. This is a truth fairly easily grasped within the spiritually informed intellectual mind, but which is much more difficult to integrate within the being at levels below the conscious threshold.

You are each embarked upon a path which is destined to soon put a significant portion of your being at your conscious disposal. The immensity of this statement may escape you, so I will caress you for a moment further in this area. Currently, fairly advanced humans on the earth are doing very well indeed if they have more than half of their incarnate energy within the scope of their conscious awareness. Most have far, far less. It is the energy which you are not conscious of that you have incarnated within that causes you the greatest difficulty. This energy is comprised of planetary mass consciousness elements that you are meant to transform. It is only the pure love that you in fact are which can accomplish this. The expanding process of your transformation opens you slowly to more of the unconscious energy patterns you hold within you. You are surrogates for the collective soul in this manner, and while these patterns will in varying degrees have resonances with your own soul karma, because you have taken on something larger than yourself, you will not be able to transform these patterns entirely on your own.

This is why illumined groups like the Illumined Assembly of the Christos and the Merkabah of the Host, Isho'a, which I am currently reaching out to you from, have formed. It is meant to be a group effort and no part of the whole is more significant than the other. What you call masters are but equal beings that recognize their limited self in you, and you in turn recognize your unlimited self in them. They are simply more conscious of this than you. It is a cosmic dance, and we switch roles from time to time. Evolution is NOT linear as your world of science would have it. There is of course linear elements involved in a world which has adopted linear time as its God. Yet, the non-linear elements of evolution sit there before you waiting to be revealed as well.

Consider the movements of the sun and the moon which ultimately all of your linear time devices are based upon. Surely nobody can doubt that there is a linear time function there, with the predictability of the movements of sun and moon this would seem as linear as could be, no? There are seemingly linear elements, but they are not all that exists and the non-linear elements of those movements can be found in the very nature of one's experience as they embrace these movements. Have you ever experienced a sunrise or sunset exactly in the same way as any one previous? Have you ever experienced a full or new moon in exactly the same way as others that have come before it? No, they are each as individual as snowflakes. The quality of each movement is a new energetic, it cannot ever be reproduced again in all eternity exactly the same way, and no two beings experience any one of them exactly the same way either. In fact, even your scientists will tell you candidly that there is no exact solar or lunar calendar to be had. The ancients knew this too, and they dealt with it in different ways. Each movement of the sun and moon is physically slightly different than anyone previous to it as well. These movements do not duplicate, although to a limited awareness that cannot perceive the minute physical differences nor the differences in energies, they would seem to be in a steady-state linear progression of time.

It is in group awareness and consciousness and effort that the effulgence of the Radiant Host will be achieved. Your personal evolution is intricately interwoven within the group, and both need to be maintained in balance like an eagle soaring motionless in place on the thermals rising up the cliffs. Spirit Heart Sanctuary is imbued with this purpose, developing a group effort towards unity consciousness. Unity consciousness is like a beautiful tapestry with many colored threads within it. The more colors the more beautiful. The Divine Mind purpose-fully spins patterns of diversity to expand the range of colors in the Great Tapestry. This is why I say that all souls are a manifestation of divine energy. They each are one of those colored threads. We may favor one color over another, and that is as it should be for now. Yet, all colors are equally beautiful and appreciated within the Divine Eye.

Thus, in your efforts to bring positive change in your world, to engage the Spirit at a most fundamental level of manifestation, it is vitally critical that you always keep in mind that all souls and beings, indeed all things, are a manifestation of divine energy. There are very necessary mechanisms in your human mind to sort things that you do not resonate with [you don't care for, or do not approve of], into categories. This a part of the human discernment mechanism, and it has many levels of awareness possible within it. If you can become aware when this subtle process of sorting is taking place, you will be further empowered to keep it from descending into baser forms of judgment which have negative emotions associated with them.

This then is another key I hand to you this day, another note in the song I sing into your hearts. Strive to become more aware of the natural sorting/discerning mechanism, and what it feels like when it first starts up. Many people in your world are not yet aware of that phase of this dynamic within them. They do not become aware of its activity until it has descended into a grosser form which then involves strong emotion and thus it becomes a lower type of judgment which is quite separative. The higher and more evolved regions of your brain are more than adequate now to bring the subtler early stages of this dynamic into awareness. In so doing, you will be able to re-direct the energy which is put into motion by the subtle sorter/discerner so that it does not need to activate the primal areas of the brain as a secondary action which was its original program. Instead, this program can be renewed and the energy can be directed to the heart instead of the primal brain. This activity takes place primarily through your frontal brain lobes.

Call upon me and the MOH to help you with this, we are here waiting to help you as part of our effort to establish a group effort for the benefit of the collective soul and its efforts to move forward into unity consciousness. Maia and Simeon of the earthbound Station of Light, Spirit Heart Sanctuary, are also willing to help in whatever ways they can. They have recently re-affirmed their commitment to this group effort for the benefit of all. We encourage each of you to strive to do the same in whatever way your heart and Spirit call you to. For it is in group effort for the benefit of all that the true substance of liberation is found. Remember always, that group effort does not necessarily mean group structures like you have been used to in the past. To the degree that you are aware enough to consider how each of your thoughts, feelings and actions will benefit, or conversely negatively impact, others around you, and ultimately the collective soul, you are in group effort even if you are physically alone. Consider not the benefit only to yourself for this effort, although that is a strong and necessary motivator at this time, it is only the first step in moving into the more enlightened experience your beautiful souls all desire. Consider the benefit to the whole collective soul of earth of each of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

I see that desire for enlightenment in your hearts like a beautiful Diadem of Light, its intricate patterns like subtly colored lace blowing gently in a soft summer breeze. I weave my own patterns into yours, and together we expand that beauty in the universal heart.

In the Radiance of You,

Simeon: I was guided by Sirafana after I brought this message through to expound on some of what she said with my own understanding of it. In particular I will comment on the part where Sirafana is giving us a key to arrest our judgments before they start. I find this key very helpful because it does seem that we are generally using whatever tools we have to use now in a modality that is "after the fact" to deal with our judgments and their negative emotional effects. As I was in communion with Sirafana I had a clear look into this dynamic in my own experience. I wish that I could have that clarity of awareness continually, life would be so much easier! However, having glimpsed it once I know it will be in my future reality. So I am going to share some of that glimpse with you to reinforce the pattern for your future too.

I had this very keen subtle awareness and could sense the energy of the sorter/discerner mechanism. I saw that I had been aware of this many times before actually, and I believe we all have those awarenesses from time to time. The feel of this space is one wherein we are in a process of examination. At times it takes a little while, at other times it is rapid fire and the sorter/discerner works almost instantaneously. In the former type of experiences, it is usually with new input, new experiences, new people, and things that are not threatening to us. The latter type of experience happens where we have a standing pattern of response to someone or a situation, or whenever something is being perceived as threatening to us.

Knowing that the logical programmed progression of this sorting/discerning action is then the activation of the primal brain circuitry is quite helpful also. I came to understand that this is the circuit that the body has been programmed to use to ground the sorter/discerner energy through. I also became aware that this circuit existed BEFORE the human race had developed the cortical area of the brain [let alone the frontal lobes], and it was used to protect the entire organism. In other words, when our primal ancestors experienced something they didn't like, they immediately responded with hostility to run it off or some variation of that.

So today, we still have vestiges of this circuitry in our brains even though we also have new circuitry [in the frontal lobes] which can route the sorter/discerner mechanism energies through the heart instead of through the primal brain circuitry. Sirafana indicated to me in a sort of a "hidden note" as she was transmitting her message that it would not take a great deal of effort to activate those new circuits in the brain because the whole collective human evolution is now at the stage where it is doing so at subtler levels of energy in the divine human template [Adam Kadmon].

The key element in being successful at this effort to re-direct the sorter/discerner energies through the heart is being able to be aware in the moment that the sorter/discerner is active and working. This is likely going to be somewhat time consuming at first because this mechanism is very active. Sirafana is bending my ear a bit as I write here to say that this is true, but that one should only work at first with this when they are not fully engaged with other things. So to work with this in the privacy of your home or when out in nature or like that is best at first. She is indicating also not to try to take on the harsher patterns of judgment right off the bat either, but rather to work with re-directing the less volatile energies first. To work first with the type of sorter/discerner action that I was describing above wherein there is no threatening elements or patterned responses. This kind of pattern would be in an expression more akin to "I like this flower better than that flower kind of thing." Its OK to like one flower better than the other but it does not mean the flower you like less is a bad flower if you see what I mean here. With flowers this may not be a problem, with human beings it certainly is for many people, especially when we are aware enough to see that some people are doing things which are ultimately harmful for us as well as themselves and our planet. One of the things I have also found helpful with this effort is to realize that much of what happens that is harmful is simply born of limited awareness. One can rationalize until the cows come home about this, but it's the highest truth I have found operating here.

I have had people tell me when I say this that these people causing the harm know very well what they are doing. That approach misses the point, however. That may in fact be true, but the limited awareness I am speaking of is validated in that statement. Let me explain: I speak here of awareness of the interconnectedness of all things - unity consciousness. People who are aware of the damage they do to the environment and other people and still plod on for their own self gain are operating in a limited field of awareness relative to the unity field. That is what I mean by "limited awareness." There are other forms of awareness, and there are both people who are aware of the damage they do and those who really aren't. So that is a different discussion. I always strive to take my thoughts and awareness to the highest level possible and examine the situation from that point. It helps to clarify a lot and extracts one from the crazy see-saw ride in the realms of duality, which I never have cared much for anyway.

Sirafana is also indicating right now that as we work with becoming aware of the sorter/discerner mechanism in its subtle initial actions, subtle changes will start to take place and a further activation of the frontal lobe circuitry in our brains will take place. Once this occurs then re-directing sorter/discerner energies that easily descend into tougher energies of judgment, which are usually highly emotionally charged because of previous patterns of response, will be much easier. This makes a lot of sense because it also aligns to a lot of what I learned when I went through the certification process to administer the HeartMath® Voyage to Heart Intelligence Program, but with a twist.

If you work with this and would like to communicate with me about it, I am open to you sharing your results, both positive and negative, with me. I may, time permitting, occasionally digest all your feedback internally and share it with the whole list in my own words with perhaps also a few quotes from the feedback here and there.

as received into the awareness of Rev. Simeon Chiron Nartoomid