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iac merkabah of the host
divination process

Purpose: To enter into a divination process with the Illumined Assembly of the Christos [IAC] Merkabah of the Host [MOH], and have one of them connect with you as a guide for today, a week, or a lifetime - its your choice, they are all willing and able to connect with you, to guide you as your heart and soul desire.

This process will draw from one of the 13 IAC MOH images [one of which is the Host Isho'a] "randomly" thus allowing you to focus your intent and participate in the random selection with your mind. The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research [PEAR] unit has determined that human consciousness can affect a random number generator and influence it beyond mere chance. It is our belief that this "random" process allows the energies of the IAC MOH to be interactive in the process as well.

The Divination Process: Relax, take some deep breaths in and out through your heart chakra, and focus your mind clearly upon the energies of the IAC Merkabah of the Host.

Use their Logos below to help with your focus:

Now ask for one of the IAC Merkabah of the Host to connect with you personally as a spiritual guide and wayshower for whatever period of time you desire, and/or to help you with a specific problem. Make sure you are focused in a relaxed way, not trying to influence outcome, but rather truly seeking to connect with a higher and more expanded intelligence and awareness through one of the members of the Illumined Assembly of the Christos' Merkabah of the Host.

When you feel you are ready: MEET YOUR GUIDE.