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We have provided these links as a service to our viewers. We closely screen and periodically monitor these links to ensure they provide content suitable for our viewers. The appearance of the links below does not, however, imply in any way that we OR our parent organization, the Church of Antioch, agree with, confer with, validate or support everything which may appear on them . It is left for the viewer to make their own decisions and discernments relative to any content they may encounter when clicking on any of these links. Once you click on any of the links below, YOU HAVE LEFT OUR WEB SITE AND WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE CONTENT OF ANOTHER SITE, OR ANY SITES WHICH MAY BE LINKED TO IT.

We honor all faiths, beliefs and religions as viable paths to realizing one's own inherent divinity. We thus offer a variety of links to honor the various major religious traditions of the world.

If you come across any dead links on this page, or should you find anything connected with the links below offensive, please contact us with your feedback, and he will give it due review and consideration. ~ Enjoy!

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new consciousness


sacred journeys and tours

interfaith organizations


spiritual projects

spiritual art

religious text sources

aramaic scriptures and lord's prayer

Abwoon Study Group - Neil Douglas Klotz
Pascale Sakr (singing the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic - incredibly beautiful)
The Aramaic Lord's Prayer (translated by a Syrian Orthodox Priest)

link exchanges

traditional religious links

church of antioch