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We now have numerous email lists representing different streams of info and energy that we transmit as appears below.

MAIA'S MAIN LIST: receives everything INCLUDING messages sent out by Maia Alaula Kamala on updates and additions to her Spirit Mythos website, her new offerings, Timely Transmissions and other channeled messages.

EVENTS LIST: this list receives only messages pertinent to events. These have been all teleconference type events recently, but there may soon be webinar events and/or even an occasional live event in-person.

If you join more than one list, and we send a particular message to more than one of the lists that you have joined, you will only get ONE copy of the message!

Once you join the list using the button below you will be sent a confirmation email that you MUST respond to in order to complete the process or you will not be added to the list. Sorry for the extra step, but it is to prevent unauthorized people from subscribing your email addresses as a prank or nuisance.

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