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transforming the shadow

When we think of transforming the shadow, we think of eliminating something that is not useful or that is holding us back. It is this very perception that has caused many well-intended efforts to transform the shadow aspect of our nature to fall far short of one's hopes. It is my hope that by sharing my experiences, awareness and insights around this I can help empower more people to get more for their efforts in this regard. We shall all benefit if I am successful.

Everything has a Divine Purpose, the shadow aspect of our nature is no exception. In fact, there are no exceptions. We may not be able to fully perceive what that Divine Purpose is in things. If we can at least make it an article of faith that such a Divine Purpose in fact exists for all things and beings, then we have established a clear and solid starting point for dealing with our shadow aspects as well as the rest of life.

First we need to simplify things a bit. Our "shadow" is simply that which we have not yet become fully conscious of. It contains portions of our personality and habits developed in the past but which have been long forgotten to our conscious awareness. The shadow can also be comprised of portions of the collective psyche that our souls have woven into the incarnational sheathing we chose as our astrology, familial blood line [genetics], and even our life circumstances. Then there is the galactic and universal inner voices for those who have achieved that plane of awareness.

Most of the people I have been blessed to interact with in my life are dedicated to expanding their spiritual awareness and who consciously participate in their own spiritual evolution and that of their race. Souls that are engaging the process of life from this level of intent and awareness are usually souls that also will incarnate more than their personal fair share of the collective soul limitations in order to give such limitations a passage into the Greater Light. This means they will have to be able to transform these limitations through their own experience and a focused application of the LOVE that they are in truth. The act of incarnating more than one's fair share for the benefit of all speaks to the LOVE that all souls in fact are. ALL souls do this to whatever degree they are able. Some, however, are more able to do so than others, they have been at it longer. Engaging this level of collective transformation brings a soul firmly into a role as a conscious surrogate for the collective consciousness of the earth in its transformational movement.

Such a commitment comprises a soul level Bodhisattva Vow. When the soul's human personality also becomes conscious of this Bodhisattva Vow then it recapitulates that intention and anchors that into its incarnational experience in some manifest and visible way. So how does being aware of this help us to transform our shadow?

The shadow is actually comprised of the portion of our community of inner voices that does not feel "heard," that have been forgotten, left out, or which never have been a part of our conscious experience. When we are opened up at soul levels to the community of collective inner voices that have not been heard, it can get rather difficult at times. We can begin to feel as though we are not very spiritually evolved at all. It can thus be very helpful to keep one's awareness focused on the bigger picture when the community of inner voices we are dealing with storms the barn doors looking for that passage into the Greater Light. Often times there will be celestial triggers that cause the collective shadow to "storm the barn doors." These are universal, galactic and solar/lunar "timing points" which fire our collective and personal DNA coding, thereby activating celestial fire/water/air within the planetary etheric, astral and magnetic bodies. We have seen a lot of this activity originating from within our own solar system via our Sun of late. There are equally powerful, but more refined and subtler triggers that originate beyond our solar system as well. The celestial forces from within our own solar system deal primarily with animal instinctual human personality dynamics. Those celestial energies which come from beyond our solar system deal more with soul and monadic [magna soul] levels of evolution and initiation.

We also gain much more ground in our efforts to transform our shadow when we acknowledge it for serving a Divine Purpose. This does not mean that we intend to give the shadow an outward expression by acting out the base emotions that may be involved. It does mean that we acknowledge we have these incoherent feelings first and foremost, that we are authentic with ourselves and that we do not try to fool ourselves into believing otherwise. This requires a true act of humility. The very act of acknowledging these shadow aspects of our being allows them to feel "heard." They have a message they wish to give us. If we do not listen and acknowledge that message, then the messenger gets more persistent and gains strength until we do.

There is a fine line at first between being able to properly acknowledge what the messenger has to say, and being consumed by it where it actually starts feeling like it is our "truth." A tool which is very helpful in this regard and which I have used for many years, involves asking yourself if whatever you are thinking or feeling is the most expanded and unlimited thought or feeling you could have about the thing or person catalyzing your experience. When we have negative feelings about something, and we ask ourselves "is this is the most expanded and unlimited feeling I could have about this?" we can immediately employ our Expanded Self and move to a more objective viewpoint. Of course, we will always get the answer "no" in return in such circumstances when we truly ask our Expanded Self. Once we have asked the primary question and received the "no" answer, the next question which naturally arises in our field of awareness is "what is the most unlimited thought/feeling I COULD CHOOSE to have about this circumstance or person?"

With the advent of this question being activated within our mind the answer usually comes in very quickly. I generally then repeat the questioning process until I get a "yes" when I ask if this is the most unlimited/expanded awareness, perception and thought/feeling I could have about whatever it may be. Once you have done this and then make this shift, you will FEEL it deep inside, and that is transformation of the shadow taking place right there in a very powerful manner that did not take a lot of effort. Keep doing it, and you will be amazed at how far you can go with relatively little effort. The primary effort expended here is to initiate and sustain expanded awareness rather than to "do battle" with the shadow.

We will do well at this point to remain aware that we are evolving continually, expanding our awareness in every moment. As such, whatever the most unlimited and expanded thought/feeling we may have about something now, may in fact expand more in the future, unless we have actually arrived at a completely universal awareness concerning those particular dynamics within the sacred flow of life. In this way we stay open to new awareness and flexible so we can change along with that changing awareness.

The shadow aspect of our nature, regardless of whether it is a personal or collective level manifestation, serves a purpose in bringing that which seeks passage into the Greater Light and Love to our conscious attention. It is vitally important that we learn to give it passage through accepting first that it is in our experience. The first manifestation of LOVE as it takes action and accumulates substance magnetically, when LOVE becomes a verb instead of a noun, is to accept all things. This means accepting that they have a Divine Purpose [whether or not we perceive what that may be] and a right to be in the Creation because all things and beings have derived their existence from the Supreme Being and Intelligence or they would not exist in the first place. Really becoming anchored in this awareness takes time and effort, but it pays off nicely.

In our efforts to become more self-aware we can also become somewhat narcissistic if we become too embroiled with our own dilemmas. The term self-love can be applied within a healthy, holistic, spiritual and expansive context, or it can be applied in an entropic self-centered way which only serves to strengthen the illusory egoic structures. We can look around us and see excellent examples of both taking place. It is not ours to judge what we perceive, only to register it, accept it, and then to ask ourselves how we are called to serve it in that moment.

There is more important piece to this formula for transforming the shadow. We must recognize that the job of transforming our shadow individually and collectively lies in being able to call upon a more expanded context for reality, and within that context, to request assistance and employ the good efforts of the many Illumined Beings and the Power of Spirit Itself to aid you. One of our mentors [Thoth] related to us awhile back that "it is not our role to transmute all the dross in our space." It IS our role to become aware of it and then to offer it up to the Illumined and Radiant Ones for transmutation. This speaks to the greater service involved, and the integral action of all levels of beingness in the universe. It is a UNITY context for what we often view as the lowest common denominator in the human experience - dross.

Think about this a bit and let it sink in real well. What I am saying here, while perhaps not a new concept to you, is an RADICAL departure from HOW most of us have been approaching the transformation of our shadow. Personal effort and the sense of personal accomplishment gained from that level of effort have been our hallmarks for many millennia. We are deeply imprinted with that program as part of our sense of spiritual service. That type of transmutational activity is operating within the vibrational parameters of the Piscean Age wherein the 5th root race of this planet was given a specific developmental thrust that involved completion of the evolution of the personality structures [mental/astral/etheric/physical] so they could be infused with Soul Light and Radiance in the Aquarian Age. This type of transformational activity can only take the process so far, and we are collectively at the threshold of that upper limitation right now. Our passage into the Greater Light and LOVE will come as a result of making the shift to a new methodology for transforming the shadow. These new vibrational parameters involve relinquishing all the roles the ego has played in attempting to transform itself in favor of the Expanded Self and the Illumined and Radiant Ones far better ability to accomplish such a task.

Our primary responsibility in this new context for transformation is to become AWARE of the dross, the inner community of unconscious and subconscious voices that comprise our shadow. This community has to be brought into the inner circle now and given passage in order for the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies to become harmonized and integrated enough to be able to be capable of embodying soul and monadic levels of consciousness awareness.

The next time you are faced with some of this dross, try this: connect clearly to the feeling of the dross, then touch this dross in feeling, and simultaneously connect to your Expanded Self and the Radiant and Illumined Ones in feeling as well. Then ask for their greater awareness to be brought more fully into your conscious experience, and for the proper neutralizing/transforming radiations to be shone forth into your physical/etheric/astral and mental bodies to effect a proper transmutation of the dross at hand. Hold in your awareness that you are doing this for the ENTIRE collective soul of humanity, FEEL the truth of this resonating right in your very bones, and you might may be amazed at how swiftly things may shift for you.

It took me sometime working with this before I actually felt a real profound shift while doing it. I encourage you to persist, because once you experience the shift in a way that is perceptible to you as a result of using this modality and asking for this assistance, you will not go back to any of the more limited modalities ever again! Its THAT profound when it happens. Also, know that even at times when you do not FEEL a shift, change is being set in motion very powerfully. It can take awhile for new thought forms and pathways to gain strength in our field, but once they do they open much larger doors!

I had worked with the self-questioning modality given above for some years before I tried this later "offering it up" procedure. I had asked for spiritual and Divine help before, and always had some type of response. This latter modality is taking that to a whole new level of conscious co-creation. Find the starting point that feels right to you. For some it may be simply going straight to the method of offering the dross up and asking for the Illumined and Radiant Ones to assist you. For others, it may be best to start with the questioning modality first.

Keep in mind that the underlying transformational mechanism of both the self-questioning and the "offering it up" modalites given above are the same. This is because they access the higher field of awareness associated with the Expanded Self which is always in resonance with the Illumined and Radiant Ones. These techniques are thus working with the Law of Vibration. One of the parameters of the Law of Vibration is that a higher frequency vibration [meaning more expanded awareness] will entrain a lower vibration [or more contracted awareness] to it. This does not always complete immediately, and often requires an integration period to finish the process.

Our conscious awareness is the mechanism by which these two realms [the expanded and the contracted] touch each other. Being successful at using the Law of Vibration in our favor as in these two modalities requires the development of a dual-type awareness. This is an awareness wherein we can PERCEIVE and FEEL, BOTH the contracted version of awareness present in the dross, AND the expanded states of awareness that put us in touch with higher frequency energies and more expanded states of awareness. Practice with achieving these dual states of feeling awareness is a real key to being successful. Some people naturally seem to be able to do this, others need to work to develop it. You will get out of this effort what you put into it, as with all things.

My prayers and spiritual beingness are with you, may you be successful in profound ways for us all!

by Rev. Simeon Chiron Nartoomid
January 13, 2005