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crystal mist of life

the breath of creation

One of the several meanings of Aloha is breath more aptly sacred breath, as to the ancient and more aware modern Hawaiians all breath is sacred. It links us to the earth and to each other. We breathe the air that was breathed by our ancestors and by all living creatures on the planet. The traditional Hawaiian greeting is to touch foreheads and to breathe deeply, exchanging breath. Aloha also means love...and so in sacred Hawai'i breath and love are one and the same.

In the age of the most ancient Lemuria (of which Hawaii is a remnant) the air was heavy with vaporous mist. It was oxygen-rich due to the large amounts of vegetation that covered the earth then. Humans today would not be able to live long breathing it, as our hearts would give out trying to pump such thick and wet air through our lungs. However, for the people of that age, the air was far more conductive to energy and thought. The Lemurians primarily communicated telepathically at that time, and the quality of the air aided their ability to receive others thoughts, and also the pure knowledge streaming through the breath of all living creatures. Through this knowledge and the actual rhythm of conscious breathing, the Ancients were able to create out of air, or what we would call manifesting material objects for their uses and needs...

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by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid