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thanksgiving message

for a blessed 2005

Even though many of you are not from countries that celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving, it is nonetheless an excellent time to take a few moments to join with us in a heartfelt prayer of gratitude for everything that the Sacred Flow of Life has brought into our lives.

Often times we start out with giving thanks and being grateful for the things that are easy to be grateful for because we enjoy their presence in our lives.

The next logical step in the ever-expanding process of spiritual evolution and growth is to be able to give gratitude for those things that the Sacred Flow of Life has brought into our lives that are difficult, challenging and often times not wanted.

We are all mature and aware enough on this list to understand that these difficult and unwanted things bring us our greatest opportunity for growth and evolution. I believe this principle is what the Master was referring to when he stated "love your enemies." We are not meant to love their actions, just their being, the fact that they too are an aspect of God-Spirit-Source. If we can truly love our enemies at every level of being, human or otherwise, then we no longer have enemies in our reality.

Yet, how often are we able to actually FEEL this to be true. It is usually more of a scenario where we consciously know we need to love our difficulties or enemies and attempt to do so, but our feelings and emotions may resist and represent another reality altogether.

This type of experience lies at the core of our dualistic experience as human beings embodied on earth. It also intensifies as one trods upward upon the Path of Initiation.

One of the keys I have found to resolve this inner conflict is to learn to be grateful at a FEELING and EMOTIONAL level for everything seemingly negative that the Sacred Flow of Life has brought into my experience. The feeling and emotional aspects of our nature always lag a bit behind the leading edge of our mentally conscious aspects of self. At a conscious level we can come to realize that these other aspects of ourselves simply do not yet enjoy the fullness of awareness that our more expanded conscious self does.

Once we learn to open a dialogue with the sub/unconscious aspects of our nature within a heart-centered space, then the awareness we enjoy at a conscious level quickly permeates those layers of the sub/unconscious self we made contact with in the heartful dialogue.

This is because anytime we make a heart connection with anyone or anything, everything we have to spiritually offer at any level is offered freely to that being or thing, we need do nothing else for this to occur.

This occurs because of the Law of Vibration, which is rooted in the principle of Resonance. Your more expanded conscious awareness is a higher vibration, and it will transform the lower vibration [limited awareness] once it has been given an opportunity to touch it. Consider it a sacred touch, your higher most expanded being of love reaching out to touch the limited struggling aspects of self much as a parent reaching out to touch their troubled child. The Law of Vibration [i.e. God] does the rest.

But judgment creates a wall where the two cannot touch. Like the Berlin Wall, it is now time for the this separative wall of judgment to come tumbling down. We will then stroll through into a much lighter environment, uncharted and perhaps unfamiliar, but also much better for all.

Peace, and a blessed Thanksgiving to all and for all!

I am grateful for each and everyone of you in ways that words cannot express, but I tried anyway!

by Rev. Simeon Chiron Nartoomid