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easter message 2006

Resurrection as a Spiritual Power and Cycle of Passage

This last week has been a very powerful time on every level of being for me and many people I know. We have been experiencing the celestial and planetary influences of what is traditionally called "Holy Week."

Over 2,000 years ago a Master by the name of Isho'a [the Aramaic name for Yeshua/Jesus] entered the realm of the earth and introduced a rarified ether here and grounded it into the earth's experience in a very powerful manner. This Master brought higher Light encodings from the realm of Mazaloth, which is the realm of the higher heavens which operate within the systems of 13 heavens, or simply put, on the vibration of 13.

The last week of his physical life here on earth [in the traditional perspective] set a specific Program of Light and its cycle of spiritual initiation into motion on the earth which will be with us until the planetary ascension has completed.

If we look at the traditional story of the Passion of Christ we see primarily the humanistic aspects of it. The brightest light in the midst of the traditional perspective is that it embraces the concept of Resurrection leading to Ascension for human beings. The Principle of Resurrection is universal in nature, although it has its own version operating in the earth as with other worlds.

This Resurrection principle operating here on earth has the following stages within it:

1) Accepting a life in service to the Divine. [Isho'a in the Temple with the priests as a child sharing his knowledge with them].

2) Embracing a larger vision and purpose than what may meet the eye. [Isho'a begins his ministry in his late twenties].

3) Preparing for the inevitable passage wherein the limited human self undergoes a death of sorts and which is seen in the vision embraced in #2. [Isho'a enters Jerusalem of his own free will knowing what is to come].

4) Bidding farewell to those things we have been fond of in the earth and extending our love to them to heal any sense of separation. [The Last Supper].

5) Clearing final obstacles and fears out of our way to reach the goal. [The Garden of Gesthamane].

6) Spiritual decimation of the limited form. [The crucifixion]

7) A cycle of renewal. [3 days in the tomb]

8) Resurrection.

9) Ascension.

The story of the life and Passion of the Christ embodies these aspects of the Resurrection Principle. These are playing out upon our experience continually in many different cycles all simultaneously. However, there is a powerful annual cycle which occurs roughly in sync with the seasons and it is no secret that the Easter celebration corresponds with spring, which is very analogous to the new life that springs forth after Resurrection and then finally Ascension.

For souls that are especially attuned to this annual cycle, and to the field of energy emanating from the traditional celebrations of Holy Week through the centuries, this can be a very powerful spiritual experience that has the potential to liberate the soul and transform whatever aspects of the limited self that are standing in the way of the soul's intended initiatic journey.

Using the 9 stages I have presented above can be helpful to this process because they allow us to perceive more clearly where we are in this cycle and to then consciously participate with it. This type of expanded alignment can greatly facilitate the movement of energies through one's being resulting in what can truly be called miracles.

But then miracles are but the manifestation of a higher ordering of universal laws operating in the midst of a world where temporal laws seem to be worshiped as though they were the only possible laws operating. Thoth told Maia and I years ago that it was not our responsibility to transmute all the dross in our space. Rather, it is our responsibility to reveal it and then offer it up to the High Host [Radiant Masters and Beings] for transmutation.

This speaks to self-awareness and surrender. How else shall we reveal the dross? We must become aware of its nature and the fact of its existence to be able to offer it up. If we fool ourselves that it does not exist we enter states of denial that then prevent the "offering up" from being possible. We can see this principle represented in the Garden of Gethsemane. Isho'a asks for the difficult cup to be lifted from him. Traditionally this is often seen as a sign of some bit of human weakness asking for reprieve from the difficult journey ahead. We can also now see that Isho'a was possibly offering up any resistance within himself to the High Host for transmutation and was not necessarily asking for a change of circumstance or outcome.

It is important for us to understand that while the Master did this entire journey in a single human embodiment, the collective and individual souls of humanity are approaching it in a cyclical fashion. This means that we will be revisiting these dynamics over and again. Accepting the process itself as one which is ongoing is an integral part of spiritual maturation.

At this time of year many people are focused upon the suffering aspect of the Passion of the Christ. I do not wish to downplay the intensity of the experience this being went through, but I do feel it is time to publicly share an experience I had in 1994 that opened my eyes to a different way of perceiving the Passion of the Christ and the crucifixion. I was in deep meditation within the powerful vortexial energies of the 7th Chakra Gate of the Planetary Ascension Temple matrix in Crestone, CO. I had opened my meditation with an intention to come to a greater awareness of the nature of suffering on earth. All of a sudden I saw and felt myself hanging on the cross as Isho'a. I felt his presence overlighting me, guiding the process. I felt acute pain in my hands, feet, head and just about all over my body, albeit not so intense has he would have experiencing it by any means.

I looked down and saw the soldiers and a few admirers like Mari. I then realized that I was experiencing two distinct realities simultaneously. I was experiencing torture and destruction of the human form, but inside I felt a state of nirvana growing within me. Isho'a spoke to me and said this is how it was for him. He was so connected to the Father/Mother, that he was in an inner state of bliss as his consciousness soared and opened a conduit for the Golden Nectar of Compassion to flow out from that huge stellar heart into the world. Oddly enough, the ones who first received that flow of compassion were his tormentors, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." He asked that their lack of awareness not be held against them for his sake, and he knew that they were destined to fulfil his purpose in this way.

I also came to know from this mystical experience that the love of the Father/Mother entering his being radically altered his experience of the physical suffering. This is like when a child hurts themself and then their mommy kisses the wound and it is suddenly all better. The wound is still there, but the mother's love changed the vibrational energy in their body and transmuted much of the pain. In the same way, I came to know that Isho'a was so connected to the Father/Mother that their love entered his being and transmuted much of the physical pain so that his inner experience could reside in loftier realms.

The moral of this story is that the healing power of love is unlimited. Every time we honor this in some way, small or large, the world becomes a brighter place and the Principle of Resurrection has been reinforced on earth. This ultimately leads to the Ascension we are all awaiting.

Blessed Easter to all, may your personal Resurrection cycle this week bring you one step closer to the Ascension this Holy Season, and may you be blessed beyond imagine in all that you do and reside in inner peace forever.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid