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wesak, shamballah,
and may 2006 divine alignment

[Mat 9, 2006] We are less than a week away from the Wesak full moon [Friday May 12th]. The Wesak full moon is the time which is said to be when Shamballah is closest to the earth in the eastern traditions. There are many differing views on how this should be interpreted. The essence of them all is that there is this radiant form called Shamballah which is most easily accessible to human beings on earth near the time of the Wesak full moon.

Shamballah to me [Simeon] is the aggregate of Illumined Master Consciousness that has formed within the collective soul of humanity on earth. It forms a portal of transcendence and liberation for all of humanity. It is a "City of Light." A City of Light is that which has been built of Metatronic-Christic Light by beings on earth and is inhabited by the aspect of all these beings that resides within the harmonics of the Sacred Unity of the One.

As we become more consciously aware of this aspect of our beingness we start to experience it more frequently in our daily lives. It starts to permeate or consciousness and animates our thoughts, feelings and actions. It is important to realize that Shamballah is not a replacement for God-Spirit-Source, but IS God-Spirit-Source meeting us on our ground so to speak. It is the product of the best efforts put forth by the most enlightened beings to have graced the face of the earth and is their legacy and gift to us all.

I have been experiencing this energy expanding within me as we draw closer to the Wesak full moon. I felt something that wished to come forth to be shared with everyone on this list and whomever they may wish to share it with. I then received guidance that I would be attuning to my God-Self [Angel of the Presence] each month for the purpose of bringing through brief but powerful Divine Alignments starting now.

So once each month henceforth you will be receiving a Divine Alignment like the one that follows. Take them into your being and open to their potential. They are vectors into eternity which can translate your physical form into a spiritual form of Superliminal Light. They are born of the LOVE of God-Spirit-Source for us all.

Meditate upon the Divine Alignments, and endeavor to stay intently focused within the next level of awareness that opens to your field of vision, thereby continuing to expand that field of awareness into the Totality.


I AM nearer than you realize.

I AM both within you and without you.

Ask ardently to see ME in the midst of negativity, and you shall.

I AM present in all aspects of MY creation without exception.

BE at peace and know that I AM.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid