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chi'yhou on wesak for shamballah

The following transmission was triggered by Simeon's previous message regarding Wesak:

As I (Maia) wrote in a Timely Transmission on the Wesak of 2005 on April 22nd, 2005 [link to complete article appears below]:

"Although it is not the mysterious valley that theosophists write about that celebrates the Wesak, nonetheless souls gather in the 'other dimension' of the Blue Star Valley (in Tibet)at that time of year, in order to infuse the earth with the Light codes of great celestial harmonies. This is accomplished by Blue Star souls and other soul lineages, coming together in the valley with Ascended and Illumined Inner Earth Masters, and bringing the heart-centered rhythms of the cosmos up through their astral and subtle energy bodies as a rising fountain of light, which is then dispersed into the planetary grid. It is at Wesak that all 12 of the Merkabah of the Host come together in this valley, along with other beings of Light."

This year the IAC Merkabah of the Host are creating a Chi'yhou, or sand painting mandala which specifically contains the keys and codes for the New Earth Star Hologram (NEH). This is the first year that they are doing this, but will continue to create a NEH Chi'yhou each Wesak in the Valley of the Blue Star through the year of 2012.

The creation of the Chi'yhou mandala will commence exactly 24 hours before noon (Tibetan time) on the day of Wesak, and the last sand will be poured at precisely 12 o'clock noon on Wesak. As they work upon it, they will chant an ancient Lemurian mantram of the First Creation.

The Sansa Chi'yhou (an NEH mandala) will be intricate and stunning. It will have 26 "gates" entering into the central matrix of Shamballah formed of prima matra (sacred and pure first matter) -- the Holy of Holies. The whole mandala will represent the "Shamballah Gate" as I wrote about in Volume 01, 2006 of Numis'OM. [link appears below]

Yet each of the 26 sub-gates are transition points for the planet in embodying the full light hologram of the Shamballah Gate, which takes us into Numis'OM - the first level of the New Earth Star. While each Sansa Chi'yhou will have the 26 gates leading to the Holy of Holies within Shamballah, each one will be unique, containing different aspects representing energetically the evolution of humanity and earth as it integrates with the hologram of the New Earth. Once the painting is complete, it will be chanted over by the Merkabah of the Host and the other IAC members present for another 24 hours. This second chanting will incorporate the 26 prayers of the Mu'dak, or Mastery of Divine Gnosis.

Then will come the time to dissolve the Sansa Chi'yhou at the form level. The sand will be gathered and placed inside a crystal urn, then set inside a small chapel created especially to hold the seven crystal urns, each one containing the sand of one Wesak Sansa Chi'yhou from 2006 through 2012.

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