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a peek at upcoming release

We have been working diligently for some time on the next issue of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron and can now reveal all the articles that will be in it when we finally release it!

Here is a peek at the contents:

Rapa Nui ~ Window in the Sky: Maia takes a look at the sacred mysteries of Easter Island and how they relate to the Zumir, the lion-headed ones of Sirius, complete with recent photos taken on Easter Island.

Walking with the Star Lions [of Numis'OM] ~ a Shamanic Journey: a furtherance of the article entitled "The Star Lions of Numis'OM" which appeared in our first introductory issue. The article opens with correlations between Thoth's information and that which Linda Tucker relates in her book "Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sun God."

This article then moves to take a closer look at the "Star Lions of the Light Fields." These Light Fields are those which create the web of inter-connectedness to the New Earth Star, and the Star Lions of Numis'OM are intimately inter-connected with them. Being attuned into this field of awareness can be helpful to the ascension process.

We then get to take a peek into the internal dynamics associated with the Temple of the Lion in Numis'OM. Here is revealed the inter-relatedness between the Golden Star of Mazuriel, the Constellation of Orion, Numis'OM, Star Lions and Unicorns!

And finally Maia takes you on a guided Shamanic Journey with the Star Lions and introduces you to two of the Star Lion beings she has been interacting with in Numis'OM of late!

Divine Grace, Avalon, Numis'OM and Para Prakriti: Herein I [Simeon] offer you a look at the correlations between these different realms. Divine Grace is very prominent within all of them and the New Earth Star [NES]. An understanding of Divine Grace relative to the ascension process is revealed and how this incredible blessing of God-Spirit-Source will launch us collectively into the NES at ascension time.

Some helpful hints on how to align yourself to this greater flow and how it relates to the Heart Ascension is also imparted. This is a fairly in-depth article that I know will be helpful in pullling together a number of pieces of the puzzle for many.

Crop Circles ~ the New Breed: Maia speaks to a surprising new trend in Crop Circles that speaks to the heart of what Thoth calls "True Transformational Principle."  I can't say much more without ruining the surprise!

The Ascension Ankh: Maia received a special Ankh energy and archetype to help facilitate our ascension processes during some sacred work we were doing together. She reveals this stunning and unusual ankh, offers it as an art image to all subscribers for free, and elaborates on its significance as a symbol and an energetic dynamic.

Heart-Speak from Thoth: A regular section in Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron. After the first issue was released we had a number of questions submitted on various topics relating mostly to the ascension process. These questions are answered herein by Thoth and I [Simeon] add some further input from my own knowledge and awareness on some of the topics.

We got off to a really great start with the first issue of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron as witnessed by the wonderful feedback we received from many of you. Thank you for taking to the time to provide that. We feel this next issue is quite powerful and definitely continues to build the energy we are being guided to facilitate for the Program of Light that is being offered through this e-periodical from Spirit Heart Sanctuary / Spirit Mythos.

This next issue should be released sometime around the second week of July. If you would like to be able to access this next issue when it comes out and you have not yet subscribed to Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron, subscribe here. See info at bottom of this page to review a sample of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron.

Once again, some of the art images [3] and both Temple Doors issues [Temple Doors issue 01 & 02-1995 and Temple Doors issue 04, 1997] referenced in this next issue of Numis'OM will be available for download for FREE in the Subscribers Goodies area when this issue is released. The remaining art images [5]which appear in this issue will be offered at a 50% discount in the Subscriber Goodies area along with the Electrikum Alchemical Templates Meditational Attunement Tool screensaver. This is one of our ways of saying thanks for the support you provide through your subscription for all the spiritual work Spirit Heart Sanctuary does.

We have additionally recently added the Temple Doors issue 01- 02, 1995 double back issue to the Spirit Store. This is the issue with the information we originally produced on the "Golden Taya Allotments" which Thoth told us about and concerning which many questions are being asked of us of late. This information speaks of the Light-Encoded areas of the earth that will be translated at ascension time into the New Earth Star [NES].

This issue will be available for FREE to subscribers in July with the release of the new Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron issue, but if you are not planning on being a subscriber or cannot wait that long you can access this issue here now [item #TD-950102].

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