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july 2006 divine alignment

Do you remember when I called you into being?

You were birthed from My love in pure innocence.

You were pure love then and always will be, as I AM.

To regain a sense of your innocence:

release all that clutters your mind,

trust that I AM within you and without you at all times,

trust that I AM the director of all life including yours,

let go of all your preferences and expectations and let me show you the way,

listen carefully within your heart for My guidance,

be the love that you are in Truth at all times,

learn to always approach life and others with an open mind,

always avoid judgment or preconceived notions,

realize that your soul journey is expanding your innocence, not diminishing it.

The sole purpose of all life, indeed My creation itself, is to expand the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of love in my heart.

Dedicate your life to this end and you shall come to know I AM the only power in your life.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid