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august 2006 divine alignment

When I birthed you from my Heart, you were pure love.

When I sent you forth into your world, you were pure love.

Nothing has changed, you are still pure love.

Your human vision is limited, so you do not always experience yourself as pure love.

I gave you limited human vision so you could appreciate expansiveness.

Even with limited human vision, you are pure love.

The love that you are will change your limited human vision.

This is as it is intended to be.

I did not intend for you to have limited human vision for eternity.

Just a taste of limited human vision was all that was necessary.

You have tasted, and now you will return to expansiveness.

Seeking your true nature in love enhances this journey home.

Seeking your true nature in love speeds the journey home.

Seeking your true nature in love IS the journey home.

Seek always the nature of your true being in love.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid