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august 19th a'aru mahalim global link

This is quite a long message, so I am putting the most important stuff right at the top for you.

Thoth has indicated that the next date that will be most effective for a Global Link to work with spiritual solutions to the Middle East crisis and clearing the genetic codes of conflict is August 19th, 2006. You can use the same A'aru Mahalim Clearing Process we provided a short while back.

I [Simeon] was also given this alternative clearing process by Sirafana of the IAC Merkabah of the Host for those of you who are guided to use it instead.

alternative clearing process

Start this process by placing your attention fully upon your heart chakra.

Start breathing slowly and rhythmically in and out through your heart chakra. Continue this heart-breathing throughout the clearing process. Once you feel a deepening sense of peace and relaxation you may begin the clearing process:

Ask for a solid connection to your Divinity; your Angel of the Presence, I AM presence, God-Self, Monad or Atma. Feel this Sacred Presence expanding within your heart center, breathe it in and out and focus all of your attention upon it making it stronger in your experience.

When you can feel the Presence strongly, envision all the peoples of the Middle East within you, as we are all one so they can be found within us. Place them into the field of your radiant Divinity within your heart, your Holy of Holies.

See their DNA double helix being stretching out, uncoiling and relaxing, and being permeated by this Divine Love energy in the core of your own Divinity and heart center.

Now send this DNA up to your Divinity to transmute, erase and replace all genetic factors that lead towards conflict, with infinite love and grace. Feel the response of your Divinity affecting the transmutation.

Stay with this until you sense the transmuting energy of your Divinity has completed its movement. Then acknowledge this completion with something like "and so it is accomplished" followed by a prayer of gratitude.

Repeat as often as you are guided to.

august 22nd - 23rd peace gathering in the middle east

This peace gathering is scheduled just a few days after the 19th and is thus within the same window of energy as our Global Link. It is also a good focal point for the other types of activity that are taking place in the Middle East which we never see reported on the news.

additional pertinent information

I have been studying the window of time that Thoth gave us for the most effective use of the A'aru Mahalim Clearing Process. That was from about early July to late September. We did not get the information until after this window had opened. This period roughly correlates to certain celestial movements of Sirius in the sky. If you will recall from our previous list message the star system of Sirius and Argo are involved.

Please also keep in mind that ALL human beings have various "codes of conflict" embedded within their DNA. What Thoth is referring to here is a very specific strain of these codes that can be traced back to the projections made through Argo-Sirius in very ancient times and which are currently affecting the peoples of the Middle Eastern races in a way that causes many of them who have not yet formed a cohesive Light-Body to fall almost entirely under the influences of these particular codons in their DNA.

Additionally, we have received this information concerning the August 19th date from one of our contacts in Israel:

"according to kabbalah geometry, the code for this day is 'Wholeness of LOVE of JEHOVA' or 'of BEING' = HA VA YA.

This day = HE ZAYIN YOD = one of 72 names of GOD.

According to Rabi Berg, this name means 'ANGELIC INFLUENCE of HELP'

According to Rabi Berg, this name means 'ANGELIC INFLUENCE of HELP'

by Rya of Israel


Our astrologer friend Cayelin Castell also offered this:

Based on what is going on in the Celestial Cycles in 2006 there is no doubt that this is a pivotal year. . . 2006 marks the center point of three year window known as the Lunar Standstill Cycle. This cycle occurs every 19 years. It was the year of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 that the last Lunar Standstill occurred. Interestingly, the dates for that centered around Aug 17-19.

This year, as it was back on Aug 19, 1987, the Moon is in Cancer crossing the part of our sky referred to as the Galactic Edge. The Galactic Edge is the opposite point of the Galactic Center and directing the gaze to the inter-dimensional portal that looks out into deep space. Once each month for three days (for three years, last year, this year and next) the Moon directly crosses this portal acting as a transmitter to planet Earth for the incoming inter-galactic frequencies. . . Thus, the Moon acts as a catalyst to transmit these energies directly to Earth.

Additionally 2006 is the year that Pluto has reached Galactic Center for the first time in 248 years. It will continue to transit this area of the sky through 2007 with the magnifying power of Jupiter joining Pluto next year. The implications of death, rebirth, regeneration and renewal are beyond our current experience and therefore beyond our ability to fully comprehend with the conscious mind. It is something that is known more through what we are feeling rather than through an intellectual experience. Pluto's job is to bring empowerment through Shamanic Initiation meaning events occur beyond our control that force us to come face to face with our fears, our shadow, and any denial we may be holding.

When we consider how the center of the galaxy influences our evolutionary experience in general and then we add Pluto's alignment in the time of the Lunar Standstill along with the Solstices aligning along the Galactic Plane and in this particular alignment it is an event that happens every 26,000 years then the sense that this timing is beyond being like any previous reality this planet has known.

More information on Cayelin Castell's Celestial Timings newsletter and her Shamanic Astrology work.

the mayan calendar

And to further understand the larger cycles of evolution that are involved in the Middle East we can also look to the Mayan Calendar. Our inner planes sources tell us that the interpretations of this calendar postulated by Carl Johan Calleman are some of the most accurate on the planet right now.

According to Calleman we are currently in the "Fourth Night" of the Galactic Underworld which goes from May 28th to November 24th, 2006. There are nine underworlds all together and the Galactic Underworld is the eighth. Next comes the Universal Underworld and we then jump orbit to a new octave of these galactic cycles, which is what ushers us into what Thoth refers to as LP-40 or the Planetary Ascension.

Calleman predicted that there would be significant difficulties occurring in the latter half of the Fourth Night in advance of the Fifth Day which will bring an energy for breakthrough of all previous limitations. Calleman states that in the first half of the Fifth Day between November 24, 2006 November 18, 2007 we can expect to see heightened conflict, especially in the Middle East. He also believes based on the energies of the Mayan Calendar that a movement towards oneness and unity will begin wherein religious and scriptural conflicts will start to be transcended.

The Fifth Day then is followed by the Fifth Night which runs from November 19, 2007 through November 12, 2008. It is Calleman's belief that we will see a temporary but significant amplification of materialism and its deepest shadows during this period of time as a result of a brief regression to the previous cycle of consciousness that was represented in the Planetary Underworld which ran from 1755 through the last of April, 1999.

Please note how these Mayan Calendrical cycles are NOT linear nor materially based. The earlier cycles had much greater duration in terms of earth time than the cycles we are in now. We are thus in a time of quantum acceleration for the evolution of consciousness.

Read the whole article by Carl Johan Calleman that addresses Israel and the Middle East relative to the our entry into the Fifth Day and thus the Mayan Calendar.

The reason I bring this information forth is that it further expands the awareness that there are significant galactic forces playing out in this scenario in the Middle East. However, these same galactic forces will also bring resolution and it will happen more rapidly than we may be able to comprehend intellectually once we move into the latter phase of the Galactic Underworld and then into the Universal Underworld if Calleman is right, and our inner planes sources indicate that he is relatively close to the mark.

spiritual responsibilities

Our part is to CONSCIOUSLY co-participate and co-operate with these galactic forces. That is part of what the A'aru Mahalim and the other alternative clearing process we have provided above are about. However, these processes need to be viewed and used an extension of our own deep inner work to clear ourselves of all energies, consciousness and limitations that hold us back from expressing the Divinity and Pure Love that we are in TRUTH. Everything else is temporal and needs to be released.

Thoth told us many years ago that it was not our responsibility as embodied humans to transmute all the dross in our space. He indicated that rather it was our responsibility to reveal that dross [become aware of it in some way] and to then OFFER IT UP to the Heavenly Host and to God-Spirit-Source [Divinity] for transmutation.

This illumined advice given us by Thoth is relating how to work with the Law of Transmutation. Only your Divinity can truly transmute. Remember always to always offer it up to your Divinity and the journey will become much easier. This is not a realm where self-effort is supreme. Full self responsibility is of primary importance. Non-judgment and offering the dross that is in our space up to Divinity for transmutation are our foremost responsibilities.

Transmutation is also different than transformation. The former will always elicit the latter, but the reverse is not true. Transformation always occurs at the rate by which we can effectively transmute. In order to effectively transmute you have to give the job over to your Divinity, offer it up to God-Spirit-Source so to speak. Efforts at changing the self by the self are very long-winded and difficult and often times fail completely. This is because Divinity has not been properly acknowledged, accessed and utilized for transmutation.

I can speak from personal experience now that it is possible to be able to transmute anything you are experiencing internally very quickly, and at will every time I remember to do it, which is much of the time now that it is working properly. This is what I have been working with in the Opening to Divine Grace sessions I have been offering. Just the information I have here is a good read if you have not already read it.

Thank you ahead of time to all who join us on August 19th as we come together into a Global Link for the benefit of all of humanity and co-participate in a light-engendered way with the galactic energy harmonics represented in the traditional Mayan Calendar.