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master illuminary shush' al' mundra revealed

In the process of a personal reading from Thoth that was being transmitted through me [Maia] for one of my clients, an Illumined Being of significant stature was revealed to me. I was guided not only to write about her, but to offer sessions with her as well.

Her only physical incarnation (ie, in the density) was as Shush' Al' Mundra in 1500 BC in Turkey. Go to her page on Spirit Mythos to see and read about her. At the bottom of the page you will find links to her Medallion Key and my sessions page, where you can now select the master with whom you wish to have a session.

I am currently offering written sessions with Thoth, Shush' Al' Mundra and Rhama Azul. You can choose which Master Being you wish to interact with when you reserve the session.