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september 2006 divine alignment

I AM beyond all concepts of right and wrong, good and bad.

My love exists in both light and dark.

To make your eye single means to see only My love in all things and all beings.

When beings, situations and worlds do not accept My love through My Light, then I send it to them through My darkness; not as punishment, but because My love always seeks to embrace all regardless of circumstances.

The choice is always yours: to receive My love through My Light, or to receive My love through My darkness.

You cannot escape My love, for you are born of it and are made of its very substance.

To love those you are fond of is easy. To love those who mean you harm and who hate you is hard, but for only as long as you mistake love for a doing, a feeling, or as a condoning of injurious behavior.

If those who do others harm in your world cannot see My love within themselves, and you cannot see My love within them either, then who shall there be to help My love reveal itself in your world?

Choose to find true balance and avoid engaging or reinforcing polarization.

To assume an equal and opposite polarity to undesirable things is not true balance, it is a temporal illusion of balance. The middle path is the only way to attain that which you truly seek and to strike out upon the road to eternity.

Love travels the middle path - thereupon shall your nature in Me be revealed more fully to you, and thereupon shall you find your Glory.

Love is a pure state of being, simply reside there in witness to those who would mean you harm and give ALL the rest to Me.

Choose to see My love in all beings and all things at all times, and My love shall be what you experience regardless of the circumstances.

Divine-Self through Rev. Simeon Nartoomid