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the fifth day and beyond

In the November 23rd (the day of this message) Earth Changes Newsletter, Mitch Battros comments that there is a moderate geomagnetic storm this morning, yet not one single sunspot. He is supposing that it is being caused by a recent gamma ray burst.

Since today is the beginning of the Mayan Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld, I am wondering if this "storm" has it's source in the burst of light defined by Thoth which was predicted by the Mayan Long Count Calendar to occur today:

"As earth enters into the FIFTH DAY of the Galactic Underworld, so the Christ Presence at the center of the planet will release a burst of light through the Serpent Path of Quetzalcoatl, coming forth through the roil point of the earth on the Big Island of Hawai'i."

He also stated in this same transmission:

"As earth and it's inhabitants emerge into the FIFTH DAY, so they will be greeted by a new solar in the sense that it's atomic arrangement will be minutely different that it was the day before. Such a small change will go unnoticed by scientist - at least right away. Yet certain reactions will take place within the solar orb that will begin to reveal these changes to the earth's scientific community. Of greater importance, the earth will now begin to build solar power to sail it's "ship" into HOME PORT (the New Earth Star)."

Read the entire original transmission from Thoth.

So today on 11/23/06, I (Maia) asked of Thoth: Is there a correlation between the earth's geomagnetic storm today and the burst of light and "new solar sun" as mentioned in his recent transmission?

Thoth: Yes, this is only one of many signs to come that the new sun is now present in the world reality of earth's cosmic experience. The "new sun" will continue it's transformation with each "New Mayan Long Count Day" from now through 2012. It will affect the "dance" of the solar - lunar magnetic shells of the planet, creating a new rhythm and thus affect the magnetic cycles of the earth. Eventually, when the next pole shift occurs, this will trigger more complex patterns within the "countdown" of LP-40 - the Ascension process of this planet into the New Earth Star.

See also Solar and Lunar Magnetic Shells.

by Maia Christine Nartoomid