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venus nodes and temples activations

The following material that is from Thoth was received through Maia Christianne Nartoomid.

"At dawn on the morning of December 10 (Sunday), the closest visible conjunction of three bright planets from 1971 through 2029 will occur. Mars will be about 1 degree to the right of Mercury and Jupiter, which are about one third degree from each other, and both nearly conjunct the bright star Graffias in the head of the Scorpion. Astrologically, it's around the 4th degree of Sagittarius. To visibly join with these planets in ceremony will require a pretty dark sky with a low horizon. I believe it will be worth it to make an effort to actually see it.

This visible, rare stellium signals the rise of these three planets from quite an intense and challenging underworld time, and is the perfect anchor for a full speed ahead intention to actualize our visions and dreams. Amazingly, at the same time, Venus will be rising from the underworld on the opposite horizon, in the evening sky. It's difficult to imagine a more potent planetary signature to amplify the potential magic inherent in our intent. Remember, the universal will of Great Mystery is supportive of human beings who consciously participate in alignment with the initiatory cycles." - Daniel Giamario of Shamanic Astrology.

Thoth: understand that what is seen of the other planets and stars by humans in your electro-magnetic zone of earth is their development on your plane of existence - your electro-magnetic zone. There are many electro-magnetic zones to each planet / star - and each has a different composition of substance, and the beings dwelling in these zones are each particular to that substance in that zone.

Each Venus Temple co-ordinates with star-sun groupings. How these star-suns connect in specific "groups" and then are filtered through Venus to earth is the most important role of Venus as the "guardian" of earth.

As the conjunction of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter occurs on December 10th, 2006 and Venus rises "from the underworld on the opposite horizon" a signal deep within the "inner chamber" of Venus (that seed core of it's Living Light - the atoma) will flame outward into the heart of the solar sun, as the conjunction of the other three planets hold the matrix through the Sagittarian star Graffias. Thus, again there is a "flash" being sent similar to that which occurred upon our entry into the 5th Day of the Galactic Underworld, but this time from Venus, Guardian of earth - the initiator of earth's flowering New Earth Star. At that moment, the solar sun of our galaxy will receive the "kiss" of Venus and release nine sheaths from it's "new" constitution into the etheric envelopes of both Venus and Earth. As earth receives these sheaths, the Zohar Mages  will begin to "spin" them into "Garments of Light" for the energy bodies of the human being. Eventually these nine new sheaths will create a 10th sheath: a solar mantle that will be the first stage of receiving the Pure Gem body or garment of Light of the New Earth Star creation.

When the Seven Solar Rays of Luminescence were released from the center of the solar sun into the center of the earth's atoma they began to create new patterns in the crystalline field of the Earth. Certain of these patterns are now in place to receive the nine solar sheaths of the NEW SUN -- for indeed, it is now "new" to the Earth because the Earth has been re-aligned through a shift in space-time to the new frequency of the solar orb on 11/23/06, the beginning of the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld.

Maia: How may we be "present" for the December 10th Venus transmission?

Thoth: See Venus as a Goddess of Light, raising her torch into the Midnight Sky, illuminating what was not seen before by the "huddled masses" below. It is now time for the Venus nodes on the planet to quicken. Open your heart to what She offers humanity, as she "lifts her lamp beside the golden shore."

The two Venus Temples which have been inactive since the ancient days will soon become active again.  The activation of the Lemurian Temple of Venus on Kaua'i will occur from 2/4/07 thru 2/16/07, and the activation of the Atlantean Temple of Venus on Tenerife, Canary Islands will occur from 12/27/07 thru 1/06/08. It is then that the earth will begin it's true "dialogue" with Venus as the Lady of the Lake - the Priestess of Initiation who will call Earth and her souls to the still waters of her threshold and anoint them for their journey into the New World -- the New Earth Star.

Maia: More on the nine sheaths and the 10th solar sheath in the next issue of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron.