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december 2006 divine alignment

I AM total awareness.

I precede and pervade all things.

Awareness is thus your primary key to transcendence.

As you become aware of limitations simply accept them and observe them.

Observe them in amazement and wonder.

In this practice of observing and accepting limitations is a little known magic.

Becoming aware, accepting and observing is all that is required.

If you attempt to alter limitations with the force of your will they grow stronger.

When you accept and observe anything you are in harmony with your love nature.

This practice of accepting and observing brings your love nature into direct contact with these limitations, the Law of Transmutation does the rest.

I have made it easy for you, yet so many persist upon the path of their own human will.

You have an expanded ordering of will which is in complete harmony with My Will.

Acceptance is the nature of My Will.

Acceptance of the right of all things to exist, or they would not exist.

Acceptance that everything has a Divine Purpose even if it does not appear to be in harmony with Divine Will.

Acceptance that the power of My Love is much greater than all the tribulations of your life and world.

Acceptance that My Love will, in the end, be revealed to be the Architect, Builder and Inhabitant of your world and all worlds beyond.

Your earthen world is but a speck within Mine.

It is a speck that I love so dearly, but it is a speck.

What you think is you, is also but a speck in your own being.

The limitations you experience are of your own design, they are your own experiments with love.

Many do not remember their involvement with the design of their own experiment.

Seek to expand your awareness of the unseen and subtle aspects of beingness and reality.

Thereby you can eventually experience a state wherein you can truly accept and observe that which you came to the earth to experiment with, and come to know the Greater Love that you are a part of, and which is never subject in its totality to the limitations of life in a human body.

To "know thyself" truly means to know this Greater-Self, and awareness is your key.

Divine-Self via Simeon Nartoomid