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announcements about new features added

1) We have now added a foreign language translation selector to our Spirit Mythos website. This new feature appears at the top of most pages in the site, at the bottom of the top menu system.

You will see the bronze colored bar that was added that has 6 flags in it, one for each language we are hoping to be able to offer our content in over time.

If the flag for a language is dimmed and has a red X on it that means the page does not have a corresponding translation in that language yet. If the flag is bright and does NOT have a red X on it then you can click that flag to go to the page with the translation in that language.

There is an indicator that displays on the far right-hand side when you place your mouse over one of the flags to let you know what language that flag represents. There is also a link in the bronze bar to the language translation index page which lists all available translations for each language to make it easier for our non-english speaking/reading friends to find what may be available in their language.

At this time we are going to be working with English of course, but also Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Italian. We are using real live people who natively speak the languages to do the translations, not software except for some small blurbs here and there. The reason is that our material is of a sensitive spiritual nature and we tested the software available and it hacked some of the articles pretty badly.

If anyone wishes to volunteer to do translations for their favorite pages in one of these languages please contact us and we will take it from there.

2) Several archival articles have been added to the Spirit Mythos / Numis'OM Subscriber Portal in the Special Content section. These articles are as follows:

These articles can be accessed through the Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron Subscriber Portal (requires subscriber login - subscribe here) by clicking on the "Subscriber's Special Content Index" link. Or you can go straight to that index page (requires subscriber login - subscribe here).

Once on this page click the various categories to see what is in them. ALL of those we added as listed above are under the "Articles" section.

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