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sessions with the masters now available on MP3

I (Maia) am now offering my "Sessions with the Masters" recorded on MP3 using my voice as well as in written form. This is an additional option and there is no extra charge. You will get one OR the other though, not both.

While working with ThothHorRa, he often guides me through his "layer" of the Akashic to point out specific information - whether it be for global messages or individual sessions. The following excerpt may help you to better understand this process.

From my article on Spirit Mythos:

As I have said previously , certain Master beings (including Thoth) have their own 'repositories'of knowledge within the Greater Akashic. These repositories are actually filters which define the 'pure extract' taken from the Lesser Akashic, in a specific modality of divine encoding. Thus the souls who are meant to work with that certain form of encoding can more accurately discern its particular essence within the whole 'Light-brary' represented in the Greater Akashic. This is kind of like 'flagging' or 'tagging' files on a computer hard drive for a particular operation, like when you do a back-up to a tape drive. The tagged files form a new 'database' of sorts, that can be considered a repository of information which has been created from the existing files on the hard drive.

Why is this necessary? Thoth explained to me that this world and all aspects of the fallen universe in which the Earth resides, are in a process of returning to Source. In this process, the many components of the fallen universe are all moving toward the full-Light spectrum (Source) at different velocities, or rates of evolution so to speak. In order for all these differing aspects of the fallen universe to move in a confluent manner towards Source, various levels and modalities of guidance must be inserted into the Light Program of Return issued forth from the Divine Hierarchy of Light. Within this framework, the 'Masters' have their service, and in concordance with that service, many develop and maintain their distinct repositories of knowledge within the Greater Akashic Light-brary.

There are individuals who are ordained to the service of working within these repositories to re-insert the knowledge contained therein into the planetary consciousness aspect of the World Soul. This occurs in synergy with other souls who are required as well, in order to effectively disseminate and hold that consciousness vibration within the World Soul dynamic. The net result of this activity, then, is to help bring some of the various components of this universe, in this case those primarily related to the Earth, into synchronization in their evolutionary movement with other aspects of the universe. In other words, the Masters are working to help bring the slower aspects of the universe up to the same speed as the faster moving components, by accelerating or quickening them via the release of the 'pure'information contained within their specific repository in the Greater Akashic. These releases are carefully timed by the Hierarchy, to assure that the acceleration will serve the greater purpose of synchronization, rather than cause further imbalance.

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